Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Political Page, T+190 -- July 29, 2017

Bullet train, California: California Supreme Court rules for opponents -- The Washington Post. The "bullet train" must comply with California's strict environmental regulations. Ruling 6 -1. Huge setback for Jerry Brown, et al. The ruling came in a lawsuit involving plans to introduce freight trains on a Northern California rail line but the ruling will most assuredly affect the "bullet train." Jerry Brown had insisted that the "bullet train" would not have to comply with the state's strict environmental laws but could follow the federal government's less strict rules. And so it goes. The "bullet train" saga is tracked here.

Range battle:
  • Chevrolet Bolt: 238 miles
  • Tesla Model 3: first released version, 220 miles; more expensive version, 310 miles; 20 - 30 minutes to recharge even with fast chargers;
  • Toyota: announces, expects to be selling by 2022; supposedly would be able to re-charge in minutes; switch in strategy? had touted hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and plug-in hybrids; now wants to add EVs to lineup; will begin mass-producing EVs in China as early as 2019; range not mentioned in short article

Warren Buffet visits the restaurant every day for breakfast and never spends more than $3.17. From a documentary at the link (date unknown): "Every morning he tells his wife: "Either $2.61, $2.95, or $3.17." And she puts that amount in "the little cup" next to Buffett in his car." Most likely a 1973 AMC Gremlin.  I am told that his first wife is now deceased; remarried. Buffett's age: 86. McDonald's for breakfast; Coke for lunch and dinner; Dairy Queen for dessert. Hopefully he stays away from white bread and processed cheese which some say are bad for one's health. As for McDonald's and me: I never spend more than $2.17 for breakfast: coffee and one hash brown. I never ask for the senior discount on coffee but occasionally a McDonald's employee remembers, bringing the $1.00 cup of coffee down to 50 cents.

Geico Rock Award
Another 2017 nominee. This time Nicholas Casey over at The New York Times, with this headline: As Venezuela prepares to vote, some fear an end to democracy. If I did the math correctly, a yearly subscription for print and electronic New York Times is $325 (without discounts; first year half-price deals) for these kinds of stories.

Cleaning The Roomba

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