Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Keystone Operator To Build Fifth Major Pipeline System In Mexico -- November 11, 2015

The Canadian Keystone operator was selected to build a new pipeline in Mexico. Oil & Gas Journal is reporting that Mexico's federal power company has selected TransCanade to build, own, and operate the Tuxpan Tula pipeline. Some data points:
  • $500 million to build it
  • 150 miles long; 36-inch; 886 million cfd,  from Tuxpan, Veracruz, to Puebla and Hidalgo states
  • natural gas
  • 25-year contract for natural gas supply
  • construction to begin in 2016
  • with this pipeline, TransCanada will have five (5) major pipeline systems in Mexico; $3 billion invested
TransCanada's theme song for the day, we'll get you one way or another:

One Way Or Another, Blondie

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