Wednesday, September 3, 2014

From Boom Town To Center Of Investment -- JLL -- September 3, 2014

A reader just sent me this link. I have not had a chance to read all of it, but it is quite "staggering" in a certain sense.

As per my usual procedure, I post things as fast as I get them, and come back to comment on them or correct errors.

Enjoy. And a huge "thank you" to the reader for sending me this.

JLL is reporting, Williston from "boom town" to "center of investment." The lede:
No one would confuse Williston, North Dakota with Houston.
It would be difficult to mistake Williston’s double-wide mobile home trailer serving as a temporary airport terminal with George Bush Intercontinental or even the harsh Dakota winters and balmy gulf summers. But there’s one thing these two cities have in common: they’re both attracting massive amounts of capital from all over the world, thanks to the booming market for shale energy.
The other thing that connects Houston and Williston: the "can-do" attitude."

It's "fun" to read this so soon after having just seen the Bakken and Williston first-hand. There really is a "can-do" attitude in the Bakken; something not seen everywhere. 

Much more to say/write. Maybe later.

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