Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wells Coming Off the Confidential List: KOG Has A Great Well -- Look At The Name Of That Koala Well

  • 19598, 537, Petro-Hunt, Opsal 158-99-26A-35-1H, wildcat, t10/12; cum 17K 12/12;
  • 20455, 1,309, Zenergy, Stepan 16-9H, Dore, t11/12; cum 25K 12/12;
  • 22352, 628, OXY USA, State Fisher 2-21-16H-142-97, Willmen, t7/12; cum 29K 12/12;
  • 22457, 1,930, Whiting, Moen 41-26H, Timber Creek, t8/12; cum 3K 12/12; very few days producing;
  • 22849, 2,120, KOG, Koala 15-33-28-2H3, Poe, t11/12; cum 32K 12/12; a Three Forks well; look at the well name; 28 stages; 4.4 million lbs; all ceramic;
  • 22900, drl, BEXP, Topaz 20-17 3H, Banks,
  • 22923, 826, Hess, LK-Alwain 147-97-1324H-3, t12/12; cum 27K 12/12;
  • 23075, 80, Corinthian, Corinthian McCullough 13-36 1H, North Souris, a Spearfish well; t10/12; 8K 12/12;
  • 23411, 833, Samson Resources, Border Famrs 3130-1H, West Ambrose, t12/12; cum 12K 12/12;
In addition, some of the OXY USA wells have been updated at the OXY USA page.  OXY appears to be doing an outstanding job managing its assets (its oil in the ground).

Again, note the name of KOG's Koala well above.

Active rigs: 182 (steady)


  1. I'm noting the DRL status for Statoil's Topaz.
    Interesting business plan unfolding. Brigham/Statoil is drilling like crazy but not finishing them. I count 16 BEXP wells on DRL in the Banks field. One unfinished well is more than a year old. 36 permits waiting to be drilled.

    1. I can't say for sure, but I think I noted that prior to the BEXP/Statoil deal, the IPs were reported when the wells came off confidential list, but after Statoil took over, as you've noticed, the wells often go to DRL status. (For the probable reason, see below.)

      BR routinely goes to DRL status.

      Director, NDIC, commented on the backlog of wells that need to be completed.

      From the standpoint of the mineral owners, this has to be frustrating. For someone like me, interested in the overall potential of the Bakken, this is very exciting, all these wells yet to be completed.

      Also, there is a huge problem with infrastructure, takeaway constraints, especially with natural gas, and perhaps this all contributes.

      I've been following the Bakken for a long time, and there was a period when up to (and sometimes more than) 50% of wells coming off the confidential list went to DRL status. I don't see that any more. A typical day is six wells come off confidential status and two are on DRL status.

      About this time last year BEXP said they had two dedicated frac crews; I don't know if that's still true.

      Also, remember, as we go to pad drilling, we should see more wells going to DRL status unless the operators are really, really fast getting those wells drilled and completed. They have to stop drilling on a pad when they are fracking, as least as I understand it. For example, six of those 16 BEXP wells are one pad.

      I see this as a natural extension of the multi-well pad phenomenon; in fact, Don mentioned some time ago that we should expect to see this.