Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photos: Update of the ONEOK Processing Plant Northwest of Williston -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Remember the original posting regarding the ONEOK CRYO processing plant northwest of Williston (about 8 miles west and five miles north on the Grenora Road, County Road 5)? This is Stateline 1 which should be operational sometime in 2012. Then Stateline II will be built, coming on line in 2013. These are ONEOK natural gas processing plants; they are being built by Linde

This is huge: it looked like about a 100 vehicles inside the compound of those working on the complex; at shift change there was a steady stream of vehicles leaving -- I didn't count, but easily 30 - 40 vehicles were leaving; and four large cranes on site.

For the company's explanation of what is going on at this site, go to this link, a PDF file, and check out slides 79 - 91

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