Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wall Street Journal Error Brought To Editor's Attention By Reader -- Correction (Sort Of) In Today's Paper -- November 9, 2016

This is pretty cool.

In The Wall Street Journal today, this correction showed up on page A2. The error that the newspaper referenced was noted by a reader and that reader brought it to the attention of The WSJ:
On Thursday, clergy members participated in a prayer circle and protesters faced off against police over the Dakota Access Pipeline on land in North Dakota owned by the Army Corps of Engineers, near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.
A photo caption with a U.S. News photo on Friday incorrectly said the clergy members and protesters were on the reservation’s land.
And again, same error, and corrected (sort of):
Separately, police used tear gas Sunday on people protesting the pipeline who were occupying Turtle Island, which also is land owned by the Army Corps of Engineers near the reservation. A photo caption with a U.S. News photo on Monday incorrectly said the police and protesters were on the reservation’s land.
The reader wrote The WSJ:
You persist in misrepresenting the Dakota Access pipeline route. It does not cross the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. It is immediately adjacent to the Northern Border pipeline, a pipeline that has existed since the early 1980's. You will see the existing Northern Border pipeline as a diagonal yellow line in the lower center of this map.
The reader noted that the correction is still not quite right, but it's close enough for the mainstream media, I guess. It's my understanding the caption actually said that the pipeline ran through the reservation; in fact, the pipeline does NOT run through the reservation.

I was unable to find an electronic copy of that caption, but when/if I do, I will post it.

Hopefully I have that correct. If not, and if I'm made aware of the error, I will correct the correction to the original correction to the original error. Got it? Good.

By the way, the reader included a link to a pretty interesting letter from the US Army Corps of Engineers to the local sheriff to have trespassers removed from federal land. For protesters, the letter includes a really cool map that can be downloaded, framed, and placed on your wall to share with your grandchildren for years to come.

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