Friday, March 3, 2017

Week 9: February 26, 2017 -- March 4, 2017

Groundhog day / groundhog week -- is anything changing? It all seems to be the same week-to-week.

It looked like WTI might actually break out of its trading range, going over $55. But it was not to be. On Thursday, WTI dropped below $53, but it got a bit of traction back and settled above $53 by Friday. Other than that, what can one say. A pretty quiet week.

Nationally, the EPA will halt inquiries into oil and gas industry emissions of methane

The Bakken is not dead -- Mike Filloon
Number of active rigs hits 45; compared to 35 one year ago
Is BR getting ready to frack some great wells in Croff oil field? 
A staggering production profile of a well still not on a pump, a CLR Holstein Federal well
Oasis with three rigs in close proximity
Why production/rig is increasing -- RBN Energy
A QEP re-entry well in the Blue Buttes oil field
Petro-Hunt looking to put five wells in a 640-acre drilling unit 
March, 2017, NDIC hearing dockets posted; highlights here
ND mineral acres bought for about $7,000/acre

Random update of MRO re-fracking program; a Pennington well
Random update of MRO re-fracking program: a Bottleson well
MRO re-fracks 
Two more MRO re-entered, re-fracked wells
Random update of a Hess re-frack: HA-Mogen 
Hi-Crush acquires Permian Basin Sand

Post-Shut-In Jump In Production
Whiting, Tarpon Federal, #22361
Whiting, Frank wells in Stark County
EOG, Bear Den
EOG's Paul well in Parshall oil field
CLR, Gudmunson wells 
CLR's Ryden well in Jim Creek oil field
Petro-Hunt in the Charlson
A BR CCU Corral Creek well  
A QEP well killed too soon? 
An Abraxas Lillibridge well

DAPL protest camps shutting down
Here come de judge --- again 

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