Monday, February 27, 2017

MRO Re-Fracks; EOG Reports -- February 27, 2107

Some years ago there were a number of posts on the blog about MRO re-fracks. Then, I sort of lost interest.

Here's another one.

EOG Reports: 4Q16 And Full Year

Press release here. Must have been a good report; shares up over 2% after-hours. Right around $100/share. Summary at the press release:
  • exceeds high-end of fourth quarter and full year 2016 crude oil production targets
  • beats fourth quarter and full year 2016 targets for lease and well, transportation and DD&A expenses
  • achieves record capital efficiency gains in 2016
  • replaces 163 percent of 2016 production at low finding cost of $5.22/Boe (excluding price revisions) and increases total net proved reserves by 1.4 percent in 2016
  • targets 18 percent crude oil production growth for 2017 within cash flow at flat $50 oil
  • forecasts flat to lower well costs in 2017
At $50 oil: EOG wins; Saudi Arabia loses.

The Literary Page

From The Wall Street Journal, over the weekend, a review of Lauren Elkin's Flaneuse.
Female pedestrians became common only in the 1880s, when department stores begat publice bathrooms for respectable ladies. 
I was a flaneur before I knew I was a flaneur. We were living in San Antonio when I read a book in which that word was used, and I saw it for the first time -- or at least recalled seeing it for the first time.

And a nod to one of my favorite authors and one of her best (if not her best) books, Mrs Dalloway:
Ms Elkin points that "I love walking in London" is the first sentence spoken by Clarissa Dalloway, Woolf's eponymous heroine whose very name is a dawdle. 
I think I've mentioned more than once, that I've read Mrs Dalloway three times, and have typed the entire book out in blank verse. Along the way I discovered some interesting things about Mrs Dalloway. The novel is a prose poem. It took me about six months, a couple hours each evening. I also typed out one of Virginia Woolf's other books also, The Waves

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