Saturday, November 20, 2021

Ragnar Targeting The Madison WIth No Less Than Twenty-Three Horizontal Wells -- November 20, 2021


November 21, 2021: a reader found this at the ND Sec of State Business Search:

  • RA
  • incorporated in Delaware
  • initial filing: September 29, 2021 
  • principal (sic) address:
  • 10390 39th St N Suite 4
  • Lake Elmo, MN 55042

See first comment for another link but that's about all we've got. So far. 

Original Post

 From the December, 2021, NDIC hearing dockets, these are cases, not permits:

  • Case 29116, Ragnar Exploration LLC, Fryburg-Madison, establish five 320-acre units, S/2 section 21 and all of sections 20 and 22 - 139-100; one horizontal well one each unit; Billings County;
  • Case 29117, Ragnar Exploration LLC, Norwegian Creek-Madison, establish fourteen 320-acre units, sections 23/26/35-139-100; and section 2/3/10/11-138-100; one horizontal well on each 320-acre unit, Billings County;
  • Case 29118, Ragnar Exploration LLC, Rocky Hill-Madison, Billings County, establish four 320-acre units; sections 1/12-138-100; Billings County;

Unless someone has data to tell me differently, this is a new company operating  in North Dakota and you read that first on the milliondollarway blog; this has not been reported in any similar blog until now. What a great blog. LOL. Since this company is targeting the Madison and not the Bakken, it will not be added to the list of "Operators" at this blog.

An exception to the "Bakken rule," Ragnar Exploration will be added to the long list of "Bakken Operators."

Ragnar Exploration:

  • I cannot find a website for this LLC, although I may have missed it;
  • Ragnar Technologies seems to be related;
  • a strong (and fairly common) Scandinavian name (wiki)

For newbies:

  • Billings County is not considered a core Bakken county
  • it is rare to see horizontal drilling in the Madison
  • this is a lot of drilling units in one case (fourteen drilling units in case 29117, for example)
  • the target formation is not the Bakken; the target formation is the Madison
  • these are going to be extremely short laterals; in the old days they would have been called directional wells
  • we do not know if fracking will be required

There are several dry wells in the immediate area, but only one producing well, also a short lateral, drilled back in 2007 and it took 38 days from spud to total depth. These days, this well would be drilled to depth in less than a week: the gold standard would be one day for the vertical; a half day for the curve; a full day for the lateral. Come in to work el lunes y salir el viernes.

There is no evidence that this one producing well in the immediate area was fracked.

The well

  • 16450, 227, Medora Minerals, LLC; Davis Creek 1-27H, Norwegian Creek, t4/07; cum 121K 9/21; 

The graphic:


  1. Always good to add another operator to the mix.

    Lake Elmoe [sic] is located next to the Wisconsin
    Badger border, north of I-94. A very modest Hq: A
    single level building with Edward Jones as a joining

    The do no evil Google, wongly [sic] list the address as
    11479 39th St N.,-92.875721,3a,71.7y,-3.56h,103.46t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1ssOWTjfYjd4Dsg1agNmY4zw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

    - Hans

    1. I never thought of doing that; clever. Thank you.