Friday, February 28, 2020

Holy Mackerel! -- Pocahontas Down Eight Points In Her Home State; Did Bloomberg Erode Her Support? -- February 28, 2020

Sent to me by a reader; huge thank you.

I assume she is down for three reasons:
  • not liberal enough (four points there);
  • her screeching (two points there);
  • her history of opportunism/lying (two points there)
Previous polls: Sanders and Pocahontas statistically tied.

Most recent poll: Sanders by eight points over Pocahontas.

Sanders stayed about the same.

Pocahontas loses six points.

Buttigieg: unchanged.

Biden: down three points.

Who picked up those nine points? Bloomberg picked up four points.

It appears Bernie's support is fixed, stable, unshakeable, but won't change a whole lot.

Support of Pocahontas is blowin' in the wind.

Bloomberg making inroads but trivial, irrelevant. Unlikely to come out of MA with any delegates.

  • 91 of 114 delegates based on primary voting (rest are "super-delegates")
  • must get at least 15% of votes to be "viable)
  • in polling above:
  • 25 + 17 + 15 = 57 (assuming Buttigieg hits 15 and is viable)
  • 25/57 = 44%
  • 16/57 = 28%

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