Friday, February 28, 2020

Notes From All Over, Part 1 -- What Does Hillary Have Against IHeartRadio -- Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Hang Himself -- February 28, 2020

Coronavirus: two new cases recorded in USA; now at 62; no deaths (yet). Inevitable. 

Recalculating: A recurring theme on the blog -- whenever there are significant political developments, Hillary Clinton pops back up in the news. Here we go again. Just in time for Super Tuesday; four of the seven front-runners looking to go home; Bernie surging; Bloomberg likely to survive only as an independent, third-party candidate: Hillary announces a new on-the-air program. Data points:
  • to be launched "this spring"
  • IHeart Radio platform (which includes Rush Limbaugh)
  • yet-to-be titled
  • will be upbeat
Canceled: folks may recall the Clintons had scheduled a 13-city tour back in late 2018. It was canceled due to "poor ticket sales. " The tour was to go deep into 2019 and keep Hillary in the "hunt." More here, one month later. And if you have not had enough of this fun, more here.

Polar bear update: link here.

Deportation appeal fees to rise: link here.

Sentenced: former Baltimore mayor sentenced to three years in prison.
  • 69 years old
  • tax evasion
  • conspiracy
  • pleaded guilty
Limbaugh: Vic Hanson.

Campaign 2020: link here. 

Atmospheric CO2, link here:

At the #realCandaceOwens: Weeks ago, we were all going to die from World War III because Trump killed Soleimani. —which was scheduled to take place before we were all going to die from climate change in 12 years. But now we’re all going to die from Coronavirus. The Left is becoming a Doomsday Cult.
  • within the last twelve hours, it was reported that two more passengers from the Diamond Princess had died; link here. Iran reporting more deaths. Fortunately Iran is not hosting the summer Olympics. 
Local McDonald's: this is almost bizarre. It seem the new owner-manager has doubled the morning rush-hour staff. Three assistant managers that generally alternate shifts and/or weekdays are all at work this morning. Meanwhile, the intense focus on cleaning continues. The drive-through traffic is always heavy during rush hour, but today's sit-down is busier than ever. Very, very interesting. The owner-manager -- a husband-wife team, it appears -- look to be in their mid-40s. Very likely they were brought in by McDonald's to turn this McDonald's around. Its location is one of the best in this area. It's also possible they own other McDonald's restaurants and have just bought this one to add to their franchise.
Backyard This Morning

This one is really, really cool. Because I'm shooting into the sun and into the shadow, this is a bit hard to see. But, if you look carefully, there is a bit of "red flash" on the anterior/front of the left wing. One can also see a bit of the crest.

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