Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Daily Note

The New Congress
First 100 Days
Day 47 -- present: Black History Month.
Day 39 -- Day 46: the Green New Deal, mainstream Dems can't step away fast enough; AOC says it was a GOP "dirty trick"
Day 23 - 38: open border negotiations, on-going
Day 1 -- Day 22: Pelosi owns the US House; 35 days of partial government shutdown



February 17, 2019, T+46: worse start for any Black History Month I can recall -- starting with blackface racism by governor, attorney general in Virginia; and Virginia's African-American lieutenant governor named in sexual assault. Now we have African-American actor Smollett fabricating story of being beaten by MAGA, white supremacists; every media outlet and Democratic political leaders at the national level joining in the chorus to blame MAGA, white supremacists, only to find out that Smollett was lying; hired two "Nigerian brothers" to beat him up; then filed a false police report. Headline: grand jury? Could face three years in prison. My hunch: the case is dropped, and Smollett shows up on Oprah Winfrey to begin his rehabilitation. A year from now the case will be forgotten and Trump will still be "the story."

February 16, 2019, T+45: quiet.

February 15, 2019, T+44: President Trump signs funding bill to prevent partial government shutdown; declares national emergency on southern border.

February 14, 2019, T+43: day 20 of open border negotiations and amnesty. Looks like Schelosi will send President Trump a valentine care with $1.5 billion to continue building the wall. 

February 13, 2019, T+42: day 19 of open border negotiations and amnesty.

February 12, 2019, T+41: day 18 of open border negotiations and amnesty. My hunch is that no one will stand in line to vote for Joe Biden. Turnout for Joe Biden will be a record low. Turnout for Trump will be high, maybe not as high as the number who voted for Trump when he ran against Hillary, but the lower turnout will be Biden's problem, not Trump's. Link here. This is why some folks want "virtual voting" -- vote on apps, vote by phone. Those who don't want to stand in line can simply phone it in.

February 11, 2019, T+40, day 17 of open border negotiations and amnesty. The tea leaves suggest negotiations have broken down. The 21-day deadline: Thursday, February 15, midnight.

February 10, 2019, T+39, day 16 of open border negotiations and amnesty. Pocahontas officially enters the race; wants to be commander in chief; is first Native American to run for president of the United States (need to fact check). It is important to archive Occasional-Cortex' socialist program. It will gradually fade away and I don't want our granddaughters to miss this:

  • ban affordable energy (already happening)
  • eliminate nuclear energy (very likely to happen)
  • eliminate 99% of cars
  • gut and rebuild every building in America
  • eliminate air travel (1,500 global --mostly American -- billionaires won't go along with this)
  • a government-guaranteed job even for those "unwilling to work" -- bizarre to say the least
  • free education for life
  • a salubrious diet; to fix grocery stores in the US
  • a house for every American citizen (despite the fact that a sizable proportion of Americans don't want their own home)
  • free money (already being tried in at least one city in California)
  • bonus insanity: ban on meat
It will be interesting to see how long NPR leaves AOC/GND FAQs on-line. As of 10:37 a.m. Central Time, February 10, 2019, the link is still working. Multiple sites, including this one, have noted that AOC has removed the FAQs from our website and is now disavowing it as "her" document, suggesting that it was a GOP "dirty trick." How ridiculous has the media become? The Drudge Report banner today: more of President Trump's schedules have been released, and they are not even the fully detailed schedules given out to only a few folks.
The Daily Note

The New Congress (first 100 days)
 Day 39 -- present
Day 23 - Day 38
Day 1 -- Day 22 

After The Midterms (partial govt shutdown)
Day 1 -- 57: from the election to the new Congress

Iran Sanctions
Days 67 -- 85

Fight's Back On: Let The Trade Wars Begin (A Bust)

Fight's On: Trump Exits "The Iran Deal" (A Win)
Fight's On: Let The Trade Wars Begin (A Bust)
The 38 Days Following The Schumer Shut-Down (A Bust)
The 2 Days of The Schumer Shut Down (A Bust)
The Last 65 Days of His First Term
Days 331 - 365
Days 301 - 330

The Trump Presidency (201 - 300)
The Third 100 Days
The Second 30 Days 
The First 30 Days

Between Election And Inauguration (1 - 100)
The Third 10 Days

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