Thursday, September 7, 2017

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October 8, 2017, T+260: it appears Trump will roll back contraceptive requirements mandated by ObamaCare. Not sure how this stands up legally but will speak to his base.

October 7, 2017, T+259: it looks like Trump will de-certify Iran's compliance with the Obama agreement. Further upheaval in the Mideast. Saudi buys US THAAD missile defense system for $15 billion. Saudi in existential crisis.

October 6, 2017, T+258: sounds like North Korea is starting to get spooked; now trying to justify its need for a nuclear program.

October 5, 2017, T+257: tea leaves suggest that if SecState Tillerson continues to negotiate with the North Koreans, Haley could be the next SecState -- before the end of September. It didn't take long for Trump to fire Tom Price once he tired of him.

October 4, 2017, T+256: it turns out the Las Vegas shooter broke the law, according to the mainstream media when he used a "assault rifle" that has been banned by the US since at least 1986. Congress is now looking to see how the law can be improved. Maybe make it illegal for a mass murderer to take his own life. 

October 3, 2017, T+256: three points regarding the Las Vegas shooter --
  • a) the individual did not just "snap"; he obviously planned this for years
  • b) the gun he used was banned in 1968; more gun laws would not have stopped this
  • I don't see a need for a "silencer/suppressor" bill -- but that issue has nothing to do with the Las Vegas shooting -- how Hillary can connect the two is beyond me
October 2, 2017, T+255: sniper/shooter in Las Vegas injures at least 400; kills at least 50.

October 1, 2017, T+254: the Puerto Rico meme -- a destroyed island. The major shows up in a custom-made t-shirt emblazoned with "We Are Dying." Apparently the political machine is working in Puerto Rico. Also turns out that that "the unions" in Puerto Rico refuse to drive trucks to deliver life-saving water and food.

September 30, 2017, T+253: Puerto Rico recovery efforts continue. Making incredible progress considering. No major disease outbreak reported yet; have not heard much regarding deaths from the storm. US Department of Defense taking charge. Trump doesn't waste time. Fired Sec/HHS Tom Price: failed in his job to repeal/replace ObamaCare.

September 29, 2017, T+252: Looks like NFL players will stand for the national anthem. Tom Price slinks back home -- resigns as HHS secretary. Had nothing to do with government flights; all about ObamaCare. Tom Price, a congressional insider, was hired to "repeal ObamaCare." He failed. He was fired. Talk that he might be fired started yesterday; less than 24 hours later, he's out. Trump doesn't waste a lot of time. North Korea, others are watching. 

September 28, 2017, T+251: For the book tour --

September 27, 2017, T+250:

September 26, T+249: huge NCAA scandal. Black lives matter. LOL.

September 25, 2017, T+248: Wow, I've never felt so liberated. For the past several years I've always looked forward to SNF and MNF. It was becoming an obsession to watch the NFL. But no more. I have no desire to watch professional football any more. And last night I felt so incredibly liberated. It as really quite weird how liberated I felt. I actually had more time with Sophia because I did not watch the football game.

September 24, 2017, T+247: NFL Sunday -- let's see if the players, coaches, owners unify on this -- as the commissioner suggested -- and they all turn their backs on the US flag or simply remain sitting. I assume many, many US veterans of foreign wars will remain sitting -- those in wheelchairs.

September 23, 2017, T+246: a couple of days old --

September 22, 2017, T+245: a couple of days old -- at least five terrorist attacks in London in the past year; "Rocket Man" is lobbing ICBM's over Japan; and, Theresa May has the audacity to tell us that Donald Trump is the world's worst enemy. Or at least that's what we're being led to believe.

September 21, 2017, T+244: a couple of days old --

September 20, 2017, T+243: CNBC contributor had it exactly right today -- whether GOP repeals ObamaCare or whether it doesn't, investing in US health care companies is a no-brainer.

September 19, 2017, T+242: Hillary says she is considering challenging the 2016 election results. LOL. Will this lady ever leave the stage?

September 18, 2017, T+241: the Brits are telling us that Trump's comments on the most recent London terror incident were based on speculation. Pretty good speculation. Today we learn that "authorities" had arrested this terrorist two weeks ago and let him go. From the linked story, "it also emerged police allowed the first suspect to slip through their fingers just a fortnight earlier." We've seen this movie before.

September 17, 2017, T+240: two notes --
  • London pail bombing: Trump said Scotland Yard had the suspect "in their sights"; PM Theresa May didn't exactly contradict that, but said Trump had no way of knowing; the suspect was caught in less than 12 hours; something tells me that Trump was correct
  • Triangulation: with regard to "Dreamers" and DACA, Trumpsters stand behind their man; Democrats, meanwhile turn on Pelosi and Schumer. LOL. So, exactly who should the "Dreamers" be supporting? The Dems or Trump? LOL. Open book test.
September 16, 2017, T+239: how much did President Obama hate the US? He pardons an individual given 35 years prison time for treason. Wow. He must have gotten a huge "donation" from some wealthy donors for that pardon.

September 15, 2017, T+238: Special counsel Mueller worked on Middle East / Russian project pushed by Flynn. Mueller investigating Flynn. Mueller never listed this on his resume prior to getting the job to investigate Flynn. One big incestuous swamp.

September 14, 2017, T+237: alt-left Congressional leaders and alt-right president come to agreement on "Dreamers." That's what happen when GOP Congress won't support their own president.

September 13, 2017, T+236: US Supreme court continues to block lower-court rulings, after lower-court judges usurp legislative branch of state governments, and even block US executive actions that had been "okay" under President Obama.

September 12, 2017, T+235: all three major indices set new records yesterday. No mention of the Trump rally.

September 11, 2017, T+234: Hurricane Irma not as bad as predicted but Algore will make the most of it. Trump rally continues, Dow futures up 120 points. Hillary continues to whine. Later: a US Supreme Court justice re-instated Trump's travel ban; says lower court wrong; US Supreme Court will hear arguments beginning October 10, 2017.

September 10, 2017, T+233: Hurricane Irma hits west coast of Florida.

September 9, 2017, T+232: I'm watching thousands of terrified Floridians who will probably lose everything trying to find shelter and Hurricane Irma hasn't already hit them yet, and then I think of the seventeen GOP senators that voted against helping Texas who are struggling to recover from Category 5 Hurricane Harvey. One wonders if these 17 will vote against helping Florida after this is all over? Trump gives $1 million of his own fortune to help Texas, and 17 GOP senators wouldn't even spend other people's money to help Texas. Pretty cold-hearted. Reptilian.

September 8, 2017, T+231: some say Trump is teaming with Dems to permanently eliminate the "debt ceiling" so as to get it "off the table" in preparation for tax reform. It's my understanding that Paul Krugman has always favored removing the debt ceiling.

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