Thursday, June 29, 2017

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The Trump Presidency
The Third 100 Days
The Third 30 Days + 10 (261 - 300)
The Second 30 Days (Days 231 - 260)
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The Trump Presidency
The Second 100 Days
 The Third 30 Days + 10 (161 - 200)
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The Trump Presidency
The First 100 Days
The Third 30 days + 10
The Second 30 Days 
The First 30 Days

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August 8, 2017, T+200: Making America great again: GALLUP: U.S. Small-Business Owners' Optimism Highest in 10 Years ---

August 7, 2017, T+199: Trump gets a B+ based on economy performance. Considering this comes from the anti-Trump, liberal press, this is quite remarkable -- obviously an A+ from a fair and balanced analyst. Another record-setting day on the Dow and S&P 500.

August 6, 2017, T+198: Trump on vacation. In New Jersey. And New England is jealous. LOL.

August 5, 2017, T+197: UN votes $1 billion sanctions on North Korea; largest in history by UN on North Korea. I do not recall ever seeing BOTH Russia and China supporting the US on anything of this nature. And it was initiated by the Trump administration.

August 4, 2017, T+196: GOP is Trump's worse enemy. Writes bill to keep Senate in session during August recess (on a technicality) to keep Trump from making recess appointments.

August 3, 2017, T+195: GOP smells blood -- Trump's approval ratings at 38% -- all-time low; lower than lowest Obama approval rating while in office.

August 2, 2017, T+194: with Gen (ret) Kelly moved to WH Chief of Staff, there is a vacancy at Homeland Security. Reports: Rick Perry being considered. Good move. Perry is in over his head at Energy; he had no clue (nor did most Americans) that DOE was a nuclear energy department, not an "energy" department. I'm not even sure Perry knows how to spell "nuclear" but he would know something about the illegal border crossings along the Texas international border.

August 1, 2017, T+193: first day under new WH Chief of Staff -- no presidential tweets as of 6:36 a.m.

July 31, 2017, T+192: Trump works 24/7. One wonders what Trump will do now that Congress begins their August recess? Later: did I read that Mitch McConnell delayed the Senate recess for two weeks?

July 30, 2017, T+191: Russia kicks out 755 American "diplomats" working in Moscow. That leaves about 455 in place. Why in the world do we need 1,200 "diplomats" working in Moscow. [Update: FBN  noticed this also, and asked the question. It turns out that only a quarter of those 1,200 "diplomats" are actually American. The vast majority of folks working in the US Embassy in Moscow are Russians providing admin support for the most part. Thus, most of the 755 "diplomats" being expelled from the US Embassy are not American, but rather poor Russian workers just trying to earn a living.

July 29, 2017, T+190: South Korea's very dovish president has finally seen the light after North Korea launches two more ICBMs; Korean Peninsula arms race begins. Trump tweets that Obamacare reform might not be off the table; threatens unilateral action.

July 28, 2017, T+189: ObamaCare is pretty much off the table for the 2018 elections. Priebus fired. 

July 27, 2017, T+188: new White House communications director has, apparently, released new directives for the White House communications agency through The New Yorker.

July 26, 2017, T+187:  S&P 500 and Nasdaq closed at record highs today; Dow 30 at record highs today. The Trump rally continues. Foxconn selects Wisconsin; 13,000 jobs initially.

July 25, 2017, T+186: Dow 30 looks like it will have a huge day on Caterpillar's earnings; CAT up 5% in pre-market trading. Jared Kushner testified yesterday, yawn; Dems (Schumer, Pelosi) look to re-brand: new emphasis -- $15/hour minimum wage; more regulation; slam US corporations. Re-branding? New ideas? LOL.

July 24, 2017, T+185: 185 days of "Hillary lost because of the Russians" preceded by 100 days of Jill Stein.

July 23, 2017, T+184: US gasoline prices at a 12-year low.

July 22, 2017, T+183: the US is hitting on all cylinders; and, the press is talking about the sitting president of the US pardoning Donald Trump. 

July 21, 2017, T+182: Sean Spicer resigns.

July 20, 2017, T+181: this will be the talk of the town this weekend. US Senate: 52-46-2 just went to 51-46-2 with Senator McCain out of action. This pretty much puts everything on hold. McCain won't quickly give up his seat; if/when he does, Arizona governor still needs to appoint a replacement. Two words: Kelli Ward. Please, oh, please, oh, please, Maxine Waters for president, 2020! ROFL.

July 19, 2017, T+180: President Trump hits his 6-month anniversary. Time to rally. Unto Ohio. With regard to ObamaCare: the most disillusioned are probably the Democrats: they know ObamaCare will implode; they wanted Trump to own ObamaCare Lite when it, too, imploded. Schumer said the patient (ObamaCare) was dying and that Trump/GOP failed to save the patient. I think Schumer forgets: true Republicans/Libertarians don't want the patient (ObamaCare) to survive. The big losers if ObamaCare not repaired: all the blue states that expanded Medicaid. Sure, Medicaid is costing the federal government a lot of money, but it can always print more money. The states cannot print money to cover the increasing costs of Medicaid. President Trump unhappy having been misled by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Stock market: all three major indices hit all-time record highs on President Trump's 6-month anniversary.

July 18, 2017, T+179: stock market opened lower mostly due to Goldman Sachs earnings but then plunged when VP Mike Pence started talking about ObamaCare repair again -- repeating a litany of "facts" -- with no announcement of any success --

July 17, 2017, T+178: lots of TV time given to President -- executive order -- "Made In USA Day/Week." Steve Forbes has it right: GOP better press ahead with huge tax cut (tax reform); forget about CBO deficit projections; forget about ObamaCare repair. Americans like ObamaCare ("no pre-existing conditions"); they don't care about the deficit; they like tax cuts. Paul Rand could be held singly responsible for loss of US House if he doesn't get on board. ObamaCare Repeal is dead. The Dems will make a big deal out of this but at the end of the day, good, bad, or indifferent, ObamaCare is owned by the Dems. It will die on the vine; a lot of states will drown in their Medicaid debt.

July 16, 2017, T+177: quiet.

July 15, 2017, T+176: Senator McCain has surgery to remove small clot above right eye. He's 80 years old. Will convalesce in Arizona for another full week. Delays vote on healthcare bill. Then Senate goes on vacation. Bottom line: GOP healthcare plan dead for this year. The "bad news": so is any chance of tax reform.

July 14, 2017, T+175: Melania more popular than Hillary when the latter was First Lady. Color me surprised. LOL.

July 13, 2017, T+174: we are being told Don Trump, Jr, met with someone out to destroy our country, and yet, who let that cockroach into our country in the first place? Well, no other than President Obama, and it took "special" permission. LOL. Speaks volumes about our previous president. And John McCain? Well, there's always John McCain...

July 12, 2017, T+173: this morning I heard the new "Russian stuff" reported by the anti-Trump talking head on CNBC. It was such a convoluted story, it will have no impact on American public unless press is able to condense it into 30-second sound bite. Robert Mueller will run with this however. Will go nowhere. Market agrees. Futures up significantly after Trump son goes on Hannity to answer questions. Most noteworthy: CNBC does not mention the "Hannity" name. LOL. Curiouser and curiouser:

July 11, 2017, T+172: more Russian stuff.

July 10, 2017, T+171: more Russian stuff.

July 9, 2017, T+170: James Comey, fired FBI director, as bad as Hillary when it came to classified material. What a dingbat.

July 8, 2017, T+169: by every objective measure the US is in better shape today than it ever was under the Obama administration. One can start with the jobs data or unemployment data. Records of improvement being reported every week.

July 7, 2017, T+168: G20. Attendees all wear the "G20 Disney pin." Except President Trump. Hoo-wah! Link here. Sort of reminds me of what Groucho Marx was said to have said about clubs. 

July 6, 2017, T+167: G20.

July 5, 2017, T+166: G20.

July 4, 2017, T+165: the price of gasoline is at its lowest in 12 years.

July 3, 2017, T+164: tea leaves suggest CNN could have its credentials pulled from the White House briefing room: Trump probably doesn't like heckling in his own house.

July 2, 2017, T+163: the former president is again showing his true colors, worried about Americans showing too much patriotism. Indonesian or Kenyan, but not American.

July 1, 2017,  T+162: I'm sure BLM is percolating somewhere in the background, but it's interesting that we've heard so little from BLM now that President Obama is out of office.

June 30, 2017, T+161: consumer sentiment index hits 10-year record after Trump elected president; consumer sentiment index hit relative lows during Obama's presidency. Trump rally: the market has its best first half since 2013.

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