Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Daily Note

August 14, 2018, T+75: Iran sanctions are starting to take effect. Iran is cutting prices on its crude oil in an attempt to keep its Asian customers.

August 13, 2018, T+74: Monday the 13th for Peter Strzok -- fired by the FBI. Twenty-two year veteran. Snarky. Self-serving. Probably self-loathing. Most likely a sociopath. Nice alliteration, and not even planned. Another alliteration: a triumph for Trump. Omarosa? Already fired.

August 12, 2018, T+73: Turkey cutting off its nose to spite its face. Will implode. Russia will pick up the pieces.
August 11, 2018, T+72: quiet.

August 10, 2018, T+71: President Trump advises Democrats to keep Nancy Pelosi as head of her party in Congress.

August 9, 2018, T+70: some 'splainin' to do. Wow, what a hypocrite (Chinese spy on Feinstein's staff for 20 years. Wow. Philby.)

August 8, 2018, T+69: Drudge says GOP holds Ohio. Too close to call. If Dems lose, they will blame Russians (they already have, apparently).  So the Dems are Antifa and the GOP is communist. Amazing how global politics evolve.

August 7, 2018, T+68: Elon Musk opines about taking the company public.

August 6, 2018, T+67: media fixated on Trump's tweets. Again.

August 5, 2018, T+66: Trump desperate to hold Ohio; Dems looking for historic upset.

August 4, 2018, T+65: polls --

August 3, 2018, T+64: self-loathing at The New York Times --

August 2, 2018, T+63: and it's quiet again. LOL. Trump's approval rating at 50%; five points higher than Obama and Bush II at this point in their presidencies.

August 1, 2018, T+62: Trump getting ready to impose another round of tariffs on China -- 25% on $200 billion worth of imports. They say August is the most boring month for news. This August it could be different. He may go off the reservation. Again. What to watch for: if the White House schedules a prime-time presidential address from the Oval Office. 

July 31, 2018, T+61:
July 30, 2018, T+60: Terry Press called for Weinstein's head. But as for her boss, Moonvres, she says, "enough is enough."

July 29, 2018, T+59: publisher of NY Times pleads -- in face-to-face meeting -- for President Trump to tone down tweets against journalist, news media. Says journalists getting death threats. Doesn't mention the actual threats against GOP leaders and Trump supporters.

July 28, 2018, T+58: I'll believe it when I see it. My wife and I love almonds. The WSJ is reporting that US almond farmers are reeling from Chinese tariffs; prices for California almonds have fallen by more than 10% over past two months. I guess a $7 can now costs $6.30. I will believe it when I see it.

July 27, 2018, T+57: quiet.

July 26, 2018, T+56: quiet.

July 25, 2018, T+55: on trade, Trump just hit one out of the park. EU and US come to agreement to end trade war -- EU wants to work towards Trump's goal: zero tariffs.

July 24, 2018, T+54: if the Senate fails to confirm Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Kavanaugh, my hunch is that the gloves come off, starting with revoking security clearances for Comey, Brennan, others, if he hasn't already done it by then.

July 23, 2018, T+53: Trump ready to go all in on trade war if necessary. On another note, it's very clear that Obama's legacy is ruined -- assuming he ever had a legacy -- historians twenty years from now will be able to provide a 30-second elevator speech that summarizes the "Russians" and the "campaign."

July 22, 2018, T+52: Trump doubles down after all that criticism following the first Trump-Putin summit -- telling John Bolton to schedule a "summit" with Putin in Washington, DC, this autumn. Trump specifically mentioned having their two (US/Russia) security teams meet. First thought: working outside the UN "traffic lane." Trump has said he is upset with Xi of China. Does Trump think he can have a better working relationship with Russia? Is the UN irrelevant? LOL. Well, duh.

July 21, 2018, T+51: it's really only July 18, but the "news" is coming so fast and furious -- even Scott Adams says that -- can't keep up --

July 20, 2018, T+50:

July 19, 2018, T+49: cable news outlets go absolutely crazy over Trump-Putin. And yet the same outlets would absolutely gloss over the JFK debacles (Bay of Pigs) and JFK's womanizing. On top of that, the US intel community completely missed the risks that JFK took when he visited Dallas. Fast forward to 2016: President Obama was aware of Russian meddling during the 2016 campaign and took no action, and apparently neither did his intel agencies.

July 18, 2018, T+48: mainstream media is printing stories about Trump even before the "story" has begun. Mainstream media started dissing Trump's supreme court nominee even before Trump named his choice. Now this: the following cartoon was on the front cover of a magazine by Monday, July 16, 2018. The Trump-Putin Helsinki summit was held on Monday, July 16, 2018. The editor had to have had his idea some weeks ago; commissioned a political artist; the artist had to have drawn it; magazine editors reviewed it; fit it for the cover; get the "stuff" to the printer; the published had to run it through the presses; and, then distribute the magazine.

July 17, 2018, T+47: talk about efficient use of time and jet travel. Attending the NATO conference in Brussels was sort of important, but could have been a waste of time from Trump's standpoint. But just hours from Scotland he was able to see the Queen; the Prime Minister; and, his golf course. Then, just a short flight to Helsinki and able to visit with Vladimir Putin. And again, the news cycle for hours on end was dominated by Trump.

July 16, 2018, T+46: correct me if I'm wrong, but except for the presidential election, the state of California has done away with the two-party system. The two opponents in the general election are the two top vote-getters even if they are from the same party. So, in November, 2018, Californians get to vote for one of two Democrats, one perceived to be intelligent and pragmatic, the other perceived to be ...

July 15, 2018, T+45: Nacho 500 Day! This is the 500th day that Hillary is nacho president.The Europeans are wary of Trump and Putin meeting this week, and yet it's the Germans buying all that natural gas from Putin through a brand new $11-billion pipeline. These are the facts:
Nord Stream 2 is a gas pipeline that would allow Germany to effectively double the amount of gas it imports from Russia. In 2017, Germany used up a record 53 billion cubic meters of Russian gas, comprising about 40 percent of Germany's total gas consumption. Nord Stream 2's delivery system is designed to carry up to 55 billion cubic meters (1.942 trillion cubic feet) of gas per year.
So, to repeat: currently, Russian natural gas accounted fro 40% of Germany's total gas consumption; the Nord Stream 2 would effectively double the amount of gas Germany would import from Russia. Seems fairly significant to me. And yet, CNBC says "Trump is exaggerating Germany's reliance on Russia for energy."  CNBC was disingenuous with its argument (Trump was exactly correct, it turns out) but worse, CNBC defends Russia even as NBC calls out Trump on Russian sanctions. Seems one can't have it both ways. Unless you are CNBC/NBC/MSNBC.

July 14, 2018, T+44: Scotland loves Trump. LOL.

July 13, 2018, T+43: wow, I love this president! Never quits. Tea with the Queen today, and in two days, a summit with "Putin."

July 12, 2018, T+42: Trump doubles down on trade war. T+42 -- Nasdaq closes at a record high; S&P 500 near 2,800. Dow up over 220 points. What trade war?

July 11, 2018, T+41: Trump to Brussels. Will upset the NATO turnip cart there.

July 10, 2018, T+40: with all the heckling Mitch McConnell is getting, there is no way he plans on losing the fight to confirm Trump's pick for new Supreme Court justice.

July 9, 2018, T+39: Trump picks a Catholic, Brett Kavanaugh, for Supreme Court justice. Even before announced, Dems called his choice controversial.

July 8, 2018, T+38: anticipation -- top four potential Supreme Court nominees all very, very conservative. Will drive alt-left nuts.

July 7, 2018, T+37: it looks like I was snookered, as most Americans who thought Trump and Kim Jong Un had an understanding. Apparently, Kim Jong Un is walking away from any further discussion. Something tells me Trump won't be pleased. Let's see if US-South Korean war games begin again.

July 6, 2018, T+36: it is being reported that Hillary is trying to enlist GOP senators to resist Trump's pick for Supreme Court justice (he has not nominated anyone yet). It will be interesting to see if some DEM senators up for re-election can afford to vote against Trump on this: think Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota.

July 5, 2018, T+35: GS says commodities are a "buy." Says trade war worries are overblown. Canada placed a 10% tariff on US ketchup, for example.

July 4, 2018, T+34: quiet.

July 3, 2018, T+33: unlike Michelle, no fanfare; Melania visits wounded warriors at Bethesda. 

July 2, 2018, T+32: ABC's ace reporter Brian Ross fired after botched report on President Trump Can join Brokaw, Brian, and that other guy in "journalism hell."

July 1, 2018, T+31: Michael Goodwin -- the "Left" needs to face reality; Trump is winning. Worth archiving.

June 30, 2018, T+30: Deranged? Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer advocates nuclear war if that's what it takes for a "course correction." And the alt-left was worried about Trump! LOL.

June 29, 2018, T+29: Tom Steyer suggests a nuclear war might be needed for a "real course correction" to Trump.

June 28, 2018, T+28: DOA -- Senator Schumer wants Trump to follow the "Biden Rule" when nominating/confirming the new US Supreme Court justice, following the announcement that Justice Kennedy will retire.

June 27, 2018, T+27: US Supreme Court rules against unions; unions cannot force workers to pay dues.

June 26, 2018, T+26: quiet?

June 25, 2018, T+25: Maxine Waters is becoming the face of the new Democratic party. Bernie fades.

June 24, 2018, T+24: Dems want physical assaults on Trump supporters; want Trump's family targeted.

June 23, 2018, T+23: Dems want open borders.

June 22, 2018, T+22: South Korea and North Korea agree to let "war-separated families" meet for one week in August.

June 21, 2018, T+21: Henry Fonda (of the Jane Fonda family) tweets that someone needs to kidnap the president's son Baron and put Baron in a cage with a pedophile. Meanwhile, the First Lady makes a surprise visit to the southern border.

June 20, 2018, T+20: I didn't see it but apparently Trump had a briefing on television today regarding "caged children." Some think it was another brilliant Trump bit of marketing. Best of all: he canceled the barbecue scheduled for Congress tomorrow. I'm not sure what barbecue that is.

June 19, 2018, T+19: it appears that when it comes to separating children from their parents, Americans across the board prefer open borders. In the 13th century, armies took land with the monks leading the invasion. Now, its children leading the invasion of America. 

June 18, 2018, T+18: satisfaction with direction of US hits 12-year high

June 17, 2018, T+17: three years ago Trump announced his intention to run for president. Announcement met with almost universal laughing by mainstream media. 

June 16, 2018, T+16: flashback --

June 15, 2018, T+15: flashback --

June 14, 2018, T+14: best birthday ever. DOJ slaps former FBI director Comey with "insubordination." Pretty much ends all that talk about President Trump, obstruction of justice by firing Comey.

June 13, 2018, T+13: has North Korea promised any previous US administration to completely denuclearize? Those that oppose a peace initiative on the Korean Peninsula suggests they may have interests in keeping the threat of a nuclear North Korea alive.

June 12, 2018, T+12: North Korea agrees to de-nuclearization. The day everything changed; the day nothing changed.

One Night in Bangkok, Murray Head

June 11, 2018, T+11: World talking peace, not war, on Korean Peninsula.

June 10, 2018, T+10: Kim in Singapore.

June 9, 2018, T+9: although it was scheduled, and pre-announced, effectively President Trump walked out of the G7 conference -- leaving early and not agreeing to sign any joint communique. The G7 conference, by all criteria, was a dismal failure. Trump saw that coming and left early.

June 8, 2018, T+8: photo-op, that's all it will be. Goal: joint communique. G7.

June 7, 2018, T+7: quiet.

June 6, 2018, T+6: MSM does not mention D-Day, 1944.

June 5, 2018, T+5: well, that just took all the wind out of the few sails CNN still has. After weeks of wondering where Melania is, she appeared last night at an event honoring Gold Star families. I doubt the average CNN viewer even knows what a Gold Star family is, and I doubt CNN goes out of its way to educate its viewers.

June 4, 2018, T+4: Americans are watching two different movies when it comes to trade. The "mainstream media" calls it a "trade war." Trump apologists would see this as a historic turn on trade negotiations: previously, America, a single county would negotiate trade deals with multiple countries which had formed a "bloc" (like the WTO, the EU, etc). Now, Trump wants bilateral negotiations: one-on-one with Mexico. One-on-one with Canada. One-on-one with the EU. One-on-one with China. In a fight would you prefer to take on a gang of seven by yourself, or would you prefer to take on each individual, one at a time? This is not rocket science.

June 3, 2018, T+3: I think I heard that Melanie "weighed in" on foul language used by "comedian" describing Ivanka.

June 2, 2018, T+2: incredible jobs report; perhaps the best in 20 years, considering all factors. Pelosi says employment numbers don't matter. What a doofus. Trump tweets that he was looking forward to jobs data what would be released in sixty minutes; CNBC had a field day with that. Of course, the story goes nowhere.

June 1, 2018, T+1: first full day after Trump slaps aluminum/steel tariffs on EU, Mexico, and Canada. Why I'm not worried: so far, Trump has not made many mistakes; keeping his campaign promises. All three -- the EU, Mexico, and Canada -- are not in good position to take on this fight. Mexico says it will retaliate. Mexican spokesman says Mexico will raise tariffs on (table) lamps; cranberries; some kinds of cheeses; and, pork. Yes, (table) lamps.


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