Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Daily Note

June 18, 2018, T+18: satisfaction with direction of US hits 12-year high

June 17, 2018, T+17: three years ago Trump announced his intention to run for president. Announcement met with almost universal laughing by mainstream media. 

June 16, 2018, T+16: flashback --

June 15, 2018, T+15: flashback --

June 14, 2018, T+14: best birthday ever. DOJ slaps former FBI director Comey with "insubordination." Pretty much ends all that talk about President Trump, obstruction of justice by firing Comey.

June 13, 2018, T+13: has North Korea promised any previous US administration to completely denuclearize? Those that oppose a peace initiative on the Korean Peninsula suggests they may have interests in keeping the threat of a nuclear North Korea alive.

June 12, 2018, T+12: North Korea agrees to de-nuclearization. The day everything changed; the day nothing changed.

One Night in Bangkok, Murray Head

June 11, 2018, T+11: World talking peace, not war, on Korean Peninsula.

June 10, 2018, T+10: Kim in Singapore.

June 9, 2018, T+9: although it was scheduled, and pre-announced, effectively President Trump walked out of the G7 conference -- leaving early and not agreeing to sign any joint communique. The G7 conference, by all criteria, was a dismal failure. Trump saw that coming and left early.

June 8, 2018, T+8: photo-op, that's all it will be. Goal: joint communique. G7.

June 7, 2018, T+7: quiet.

June 6, 2018, T+6: MSM does not mention D-Day, 1944.

June 5, 2018, T+5: well, that just took all the wind out of the few sails CNN still has. After weeks of wondering where Melania is, she appeared last night at an event honoring Gold Star families. I doubt the average CNN viewer even knows what a Gold Star family is, and I doubt CNN goes out of its way to educate its viewers.

June 4, 2018, T+4: Americans are watching two different movies when it comes to trade. The "mainstream media" calls it a "trade war." Trump apologists would see this as a historic turn on trade negotiations: previously, America, a single county would negotiate trade deals with multiple countries which had formed a "bloc" (like the WTO, the EU, etc). Now, Trump wants bilateral negotiations: one-on-one with Mexico. One-on-one with Canada. One-on-one with the EU. One-on-one with China. In a fight would you prefer to take on a gang of seven by yourself, or would you prefer to take on each individual, one at a time? This is not rocket science.

June 3, 2018, T+3: I think I heard that Melanie "weighed in" on foul language used by "comedian" describing Ivanka.

June 2, 2018, T+2: incredible jobs report; perhaps the best in 20 years, considering all factors. Pelosi says employment numbers don't matter. What a doofus. Trump tweets that he was looking forward to jobs data what would be released in sixty minutes; CNBC had a field day with that. Of course, the story goes nowhere.

June 1, 2018, T+1: first full day after Trump slaps aluminum/steel tariffs on EU, Mexico, and Canada. Why I'm not worried: so far, Trump has not made many mistakes; keeping his campaign promises. All three -- the EU, Mexico, and Canada -- are not in good position to take on this fight. Mexico says it will retaliate. Mexican spokesman says Mexico will raise tariffs on (table) lamps; cranberries; some kinds of cheeses; and, pork. Yes, (table) lamps.


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