Sunday, March 4, 2018

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March 31, 2018, T+31: "a thousand" Hondurans walking through Mexico to cross the US border.

March 30, 2018, T+30: quiet. Except for Tesla.

March 29, 2018, T+29: Looking for love in all the wrong places. Stormy Daniels, does anyone really care? But it makes for a great campaign song in 2020. For the other side.
Prince Salman wants "10 - 20 year alliance with Russia."

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places, Johnny Lee

March 28, 2018, T+28: Commerce Dept says "citizenship" question will be asked in the 2020 census. This seems like a no-brainer. Trump continues to change-out appointees. Tillerson was one of the first to leave at the beginning of the second year. Then national security adviser General McMaster. Now, today, it's being reported that Trump has fired VA secretary David Shulkin and will replace him with Rear Adm Ronny Jackson.

March 27, 2018, T+27: it appears CBS hit a new low when it aired the "Stormy Daniels" interview. I did not see the interview; I did read the NY Times article, and if she used the same language in the interview that was used in the Times article it certainly was not going to be repeated in proper company. The story appears to have no legs. If the "affair" occurred, it happened between two consenting adults over a decade ago, and everyone agrees no laws were broken. It looks like this story has run its course. I have not watched any television today but the Dow is up almost 700 points. I'm sure talking heads have a million explanations but the one no one will mention: the Stormy Daniels CBS interview ends that story. 

March 26, 2018, T+26: listening to Scott Adams' podcasts (I guess he calls them "periscopes") on Twitter can be very, very painful to have to sit through to listen, but in a recent periscope -- wow, he nails President Trump exactly. Adams also opines on the omnibus bill: Trump got something "massively important" -- this message -- the US has a massive military and it's getting bigger, faster -- a huge psychological message just as Trump is getting ready to meet with Kim Jung Un (North Korea). On another note, the majority of those commenting at this WSJ article have it exactly right regarding Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

March 25, 2018, T+25: Trump signs $1.3 trillion omnibus bill; Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Pelosi declare victory; the government continues to fund Planned Parenthood and there were no clean energy funding cuts.

March 24, 2018, T+24: I don't think "we" will ever comprehend how incredible it was for Trump to have defeated Clinton. The more one reads how rigged the election was; how deeply aligned the mainstream media was for Clinton; how much Clinton assumed she was going to win; how much her folks assumed she was going to win -- it really is amazing. It explains why the cupcakes, fruitcakes, snowflakes are still suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Here it is: more than one year later, two months after Trump's first SOTU address, they still remain in shock. One graphic summarizes it perfectly:

March 23, 2018, T+23: one and done. President Trump just lost his base. Signs $1.3 trillion omnibus bill that was strongly supported by Chuck "Shutdown" Schumer and Nancy "Pesky" Pelosi.

March 22, 2018, T+22: Great buying opportunity -- the Dow plunges 724 points. WTI down to $64.21. Wow, this will give the alt-left something to talk about -- President Trump will appoint John Bolton at his new National Security Advisor, replacing a really, really qualified military general officer. Oh, well.

Something To Talk About, Bonnie Raitt

March 21, 2018, T+21: Quiet.

March 20, 2018, T+20: Cognitive dissonance? Irony? One has to laugh. The alt-left on CNBC really, really want the market to collapse so they can "blame" it on Trump. Spite their nose ... If they were on a plane, and Trump was the pilot, they would hope he would fail?

March 19, 2018, T+19: as more and more comes out of the Mueller investigation -- with all the lying, leaking of the FBI (and perhaps others), it is now becoming clear to me that folks are perhaps underestimating how serious this really is. Think about this clip with Senator Schumer -- who would certainly know -- saying, to paraphrase -- the intelligence agencies of the US can "take out" the president of the US:

Also, at The Hill. This is simply terrifying -- that a US senator would believe this and not take action. Had this happened under the Obama administration ....

Mueller looking for collusion in all the wrong places. It turns out that Facebook was involved -- Facebook shares plummet 4 percent on Monday, March 19, 2018.

March 18, 2018, T+18: a second special counsel is needed. This one? To investigate Robert Mueller.

March 17, 2018, T+17: as they say in sports, things are starting to get "chippy"; more and more pressure for Mueller to be fired; it appears this is no longer a fact-finding case with regard to Russian collusion but simply a political story; Mueller won't have any evidence for Trump/collusion Russians; Mueller's / Dems best outcome -- Trump/FBI fires Mueller and that becomes the story; but with election just a few months down the road Mueller needs to be fired soon, otherwise opportunity lost; no idea how this will play out

March 16, 2018, T+16: Attorney General fires McCabe, deputy director, FBI, 26 hours before he reaches retirement milestone; won't get FBI pension; collusion with judge with re: Mike Flynn; things starting to unravel;

March 15, 2018, T+15: chief of staff John Kelly next to go?

March 14, 2018, T+14:
  • Mueller continue to fish; widens investigation, charges; less and less to do with Russian collusion and more to do with ensnaring
  • US House says no collusion between Trump and Russians
  • story of Trump involvement with prostitute has legs; CBS to report on 60 Minutes
  • market volatility continues; steel/aluminum tariffs cause consternation (compare with Bush failed tariff policy, March, 2002, to December, 2003
  • Trump "vetoes" Broadcom (Singapore/Chinese ties)-Qualcomm merger; Qualcomm considered "American treasure"; could affect Apple
March 13, 2018, T+13: lots of intrigue nationally and around the world --
  • Tillerson out at SecState
  • CIA director Pompeo takes over at SecState -- think about that  -- a government's top spy at State; Gina Haspel, one bad dude; joined the CIA in 1985
  • Trump names first woman to be CIA chief
  • anti-Putin Russian killed with nerve gas last week; Theresa May wants answers
  • second anti-Putin Russian found dead in Britain
  • Mideast peace conference convenes at White House
  • Trump visits "the Wall" in southern California
  • Trump's longtime personal assistant fired over security issues
March 12, 2018, T+12: Quiet.

March 11, 2018, T+11: President Trump's adversary, Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) actually agrees with Trump on tariffs. Hell is freezing over.

March 10, 2018, T+10: President Trump says he will go out to California -- his first trip to that state -- to inspect "the wall."

March 9, 2018, T+9:

March 8, 2018, T+8: apparently tariffs are going to go into effect -- against GOP rants and raves. Well done, Mr President -- goes ahead with tariffs -- but "spares" Canada and Mexico. Well played.

March 7, 2018, T+7: Gary Cohn resigns as President Trump's economic advisor. Is Jeff Immelt available?

March 6, 2018, T+6: North Korea says it would give up nukes ... and just six months ago the mainstream media said the US and NoK were ready to go to war. Obviously, no one trusts North Korea or what its real intents are, but if there is any truth to the NYT article, two things:
1) sanctions are starting to really, really hurt; and,
2) North Korea finally met a US president who wouldn't cave.
Over and over and over Trump is proved "right" on his hunches (including tariffs, gun shootings in school, and DACA) and yet even his own party won't support him. His party got the tax bill done -- but it certainly was not smooth sailing -- and now it's back to gridlock and no action. I guess politicians are now more concerned about their own re-election(s) a few months from now.

March 5, 2018, T+5: Oscars rating down 16%, may plumb all-time low! Early numbers suggest an 18.9 overnight rating from 8-11 p.m. ET, down 16% Y/Y. Last year's Oscars earned a 22.4 and drew 32.9M viewers, second-lowest total ever (though today's overnights don't yet reflect the end of the show with the biggest awards). An 18.9 rating suggests a viewership of 28 million. [Later: yup. An all-time low -- 26.5 million. Wow.]The 2008 show's 31.8M viewers drew the lowest viewership. Full numbers come from Nielsen later on. March 5th deadline for "Dreamers": six months ago, Trump set March 5th as the deadline -- and the Democrats? Nowhere to be found. Not interested in solving the problem.

March 4, 2018, T+4: the incredible Trump agenda -- what most Americans don't know -- the terrible war he has had to wage. Those tariffs that will raise the price of a soda by half a cent will pale in comparison to what four (4) Fed rate hikes will do this year. Jay Powell sent a letter of to Trump, thanking him for the coming trade war; it will take America's collective mind off the rate hikes.

March 3, 2018, T+3: Trump attends first Gridiron; first reports, very, very positive.

March 2, 2018, T+2:

March 1, 2018, T+1: fight's on! President Trump raises tariffs on steel 25% and on aluminum, 10%. The stock market plummets and everyone on Wall Street goes nuts. The unions in the US: beam.

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