Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Daily Note -- Nothing About The Bakken

The current page is getting too long. Time to start a new page. This is day +66 of the "Iranian Sanctions" concern, though I don't think full Iranian sanctions go into effect until sometime in November, 2018.

So far, despite all the hand-wringing, Iranian sanctions have not changed anything as far as I can tell.

November 6, 2018, T+85: mid-term elections.

November 5, 2018, T+84: quiet. 

November 4, 2018, T+83: quiet.

November 3, 2018, T+82: quiet.

November 2, 2018, T+81: quiet. Or I'm bored.

November 1, 2018, T+80: quiet.

October 31, 2018, T+79: quiet.

October 30, 2018, T+78: quiet.

October 29, 2018, T+77: the problem with Hillary is she sucks all the oxygen ($$$: the mother's milk of politics) out of the room. Hillary craves money; she will attract political money as long as she hints that she run again. As soon as she drops out of politics, her money dries up. Meanwhile, the other Democratic national candidates compete for that money and compete for that attention and wish she would get out. From grabien:
Hillary Clinton’s longtime confidante and fund-raiser, Terry McAuliffe, says the frequent presidential candidate is officially giving up.
After sparking curiosity Friday when saying she would still like to be president, McAuliffe responded and tamped down the speculation, saying Clinton “is never going to be on the ballot again.”
“It’s hard for Hillary. She got three million more votes than Donald Trump did in the last presidential election. But I feel confident in saying I think Hillary is never going to be on the ballot again, I think she is done running for elected office. She’s going to be out helping candidates. But I feel very confident in saying she’s not going to run for president.” Comment: just after posting the above, Fox posts:
Hillary Clinton insists she doesn’t want to run for the White House again -- yet over the weekend, virtually in the same breath, seemed to leave that door open just a crack, saying she'd still “like to be president.”
The latest wavering on the possibility of a 2020 presidential bid -- something she ruled out last year -- poses fresh complications for the Democratic Party, which is brimming with potential candidates looking to take on President Trump the moment the midterms are over and more than a few figures worried Clinton's presence hinders their ability to move on from 2016.
Clinton’s latest comments came during an interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher at an event in New York City Friday. Swisher asked the former secretary of state if she wanted to run for president, to which Clinton responded after a pause: “No. No.”

October 28, 2018, T+76: US administration starting to get serious about the Honduran migrant caravan; there are signs that both the caravan and Mexico are starting to get the message;

October 27, 2018, T+75: Synagogue attack; news media says it's worse anti-Semitic attack in history of US. I beg to differ. If "9/11" was not an anti-Semitic terrorist attack I don't know what it was.

October 26, 2018, T+74: 3Q18 GDP of 3.5% best in four years. Other than that and thirteen mail bombs, pretty quiet. One more thing: the stock market plunges.

October 25, 2018, T+73: pipe bombs. Make that nine. Mr De Niro got one. Governor Cuomo claimed he got one; did not. 

October 24, 2018, T+72: pipe bombs. Eight. 

October 23, 2018, T+71: Kevin Cramer, 56%; Heidi Heitkamp, 40%. Her weak statement explaining why she voted no; her decision not to prosecute abuse victims when she was ND AG; her "outing" of 120 "survivors; her absolutely awful "retraction" and "apology" in which she tried to blame Kevin Cramer for her indiscretion.

October 22, 2018, T+70: the good news is that on November 7, 2018, I can begin T+1 with "following the midterms." About the very same time, full Iran sanctions finally go into effect.

October 21, 2018, T+69: there are a lot of folks who think the "global warming" issue is dead with Trump in office. Not. Tom Steyer is likely funding her campaign:

October 20, 2018, T+68: Honduran update. Looks like Mexico got the message. If they continue to allow "this," Mexico will lose control of their southern border and their northern border.

October 19, 2018, T+67 1/1024th honest ...

October 18, 2018, T+66: MLB World Series, 2018, on deck --
  • Boston Red Sox, lead series over Houston, 3 - 1, best of seven
  • Dodgers vs Brewers, too close to call, 3-2, best of seven (if I were a betting man, I would bet on the Brewers, but they have to win two in a row to advance to the World Series)

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  1. I agree with your Brewers assessment also - the Dodgers appear somewhat lethargic.

    1. So, Red Sox have two chances to take the pennant at home if they lose tonight.

      Brewers need to win last two games at home.

      Assuming if I read the schedule correctly. If accurate, two really, really good races for the fans.