Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Great Britain -- Records Its First Horizontal Well -- Not Completed -- Something To Do With An Earthquake -- April 25, 2018

The UK would need to frack a well per day to reduce gas imports. About as likely as Mary Poppins showing up again. My bad. Mary is returning, Christmas 2018. LOL.

See this story at (Irina Slav).

And this is being reported with a straight face by the authors of "the study":
At this rate of well fracking means a total of 6,100 wells will need to be drilled in the country over the 14-year period and will involve land takeover on a very large scale, the report’s authors concluded.
So, there you have it. Six thousand wells over the next fourteen years, and Caudrilla is waiting for government approval to complete one well. Good luck.

According to the article,
In any case, the future of shale gas in the UK is not necessarily bright. Although earlier this month local shale producer Cuadrilla drilled the first horizontal well in the country, in the Bowland shale, but it has not completed it, awaiting final government approval. There is strong opposition to fracking in the UK, but also not a whole lot of options for replacing imported gas with domestic production.
But a google search reveals that back in 2011, Quadrilla admitted that a well it was fracking was likely the cause of a number of minor seismic events (earthquakes). Link here.

Of course, another quick google search reveals that earthquakes occur on the average once every week or so in Lancashire, England -- and they have been going on for centuries -- well before any fracking.

Bottom line: we are not going to see much fracking in England any time soon -- even if it's all fake news.

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