Thursday, March 24, 2016

US Oil Production Falling Like An Air-Borne Brick -- Not! -- March 24, 2016

Falling like an air-borne brick, tweeting now, US oil production last week totaled 9.038 million b/d, down 30,000 b/d vs. previous week.

30,000 bopd / 9.038 million bopd = 0.3%. Wow.

Everybody's Talking ...

....  about all that wind energy capacity that's being added, suggesting we've seen the end of fossil fuel for generating electricity. So, let's see, graphically:

Looks like wishful thinking by the warmists. It appears that capacity added in 2015 was about equal to that added in 2007, 2010, and 2012. At 6,000 MW in 2015, that's not all that different than the peak year of additional NG generation capacity, 2011 when about 9,500 MW were added.

Of course, a lot of that added capacity is required to back-up solar which tends not to work during the night and wind which is intermittent and impossible to predict, and very, very temperamental. In high winds, the turbines have to be taken off-line.

For solar:

20 GW for solar.
6 GW for natural gas.

If I did the math correctly.

For wind:

The best news about all this: the US will never again be dependent on OPEC oil. Period. Dot.

The US will always have plentiful, (relatively) inexpensive energy.

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