Thursday, March 24, 2016

Off The Net For Awhile

Garry Shandling -- dead? Age 66.

Collateral Damage

When I got home, the April, 2016, issue of Texas Monthly was in our mailbox. The front cover:
 Guns: How They Shaped Our Culture And What They Mean To The Modern Texas.
A quick page-by-page turn of the entire issue revealed:
  • a special advertising supplement for the state of New Mexico;
  • a special advertising supplement for the lawyers in Texas; and, 
  • almost everything else related to the top of gun (the cover story), except for a couple of pages devoted to recipes.
I don't particularly care for Texas Monthly. Like the Smithsonian it has way too many ads. Worse, the font is way too small. It's actually a difficult magazine to read; I find The New Yorker much more pleasant to read.

After a quick page-by-page survey of the articles on guns, it appears on balance, I prefer to live in a state where guns are part of the culture. It appears, based on the testimonials, and there were testimonials from both sides, the "good" outweighs the "bad" with regard to owning and carrying handguns.

I prefer that a would-be intruder does not know whether I have a gun or not. For the record, I do not. Yet.

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