Thursday, March 24, 2016

Trial Balloon -- March 24, 2016

From Rigzone/Reuters:
Russian Deputy Energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov said on Thursday that it was "technically possible" to reduce the country's oil output by 5 percent. 
That was the entirety of the story. 

10 million bbls x 5% = 500,000 bbls / day

If Saudi Arabia "meets" Russia's reduction, 5%, about the same amount, then we are talking 1 million bopd from these two countries.

Hillary Concerned For Oreo Employees
Not So Concerned About Coal Miners, Oil Industry Workers

It will be interesting to see if Oreos come down in price.

Oreos used to be one of my favorite cookies. I was a regular buyer until some years ago when the price per package just became insane. I don't think I've eaten an Oreo in years, and I know I haven't bought a package of Oreos in the past ten years.

It will be interesting to see if the price of Oreos comes down, now that Nabisco is moving that operation to Mexico. USA Today is reporting:
Snack giant Nabisco on Wednesday began the process of laying off hundreds of workers at its Chicago factory as it expands operations in Mexico, despite facing criticism for the move from White House hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Nabisco is expected to cut 277 workers this week — the first wave in a total of 600 layoffs  — as the company that makes Oreos, Chips Ahoy and Nilla Wafers shifts work to a Mexico plant where it has invested $130 million in a new cookie and cracker production line.
In the big scheme of things, 600 employees is not particularly alarming -- certainly not compared to the number of coal workers put out of work by the Obama administration and the number of roughnecks not working due to the slump in the oil industry.

A lot more miners were affected than the 600 cookie employees. To top that off, Hillary plans to ban fracking and continue Obama's plan to shut down more coal companies.

Bill, Hillary, And Chelsea All Turn On ObamaCare

I really don't care about this. The only reason I'm posting it is to continue the timeline on ObamaCare.

Bill started this with dissing the last eight years of Obama's presidency. Then Hillary said ObamaCare was a disaster, and now Chelsea weighs in: ObamaCare has created crushing costs.

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