Saturday, July 8, 2017

Week 27: July 2, 2017 -- July 8, 2017

Gasoline demand
It looks like a new record was set this past month (June, 2017) for US gasoline demand
Gasoline prices at historic lows

Saudi Arabia
Foreign exchange reserves continue to fall, though not quite as fast as previously
In the final week of June, OPEC exports hit a 2017 high
Weeks to "re-balance": 58

US economy
Jobs reports are quite incredible
US crude oil exports hit monthly record

Future is poorly thought out; also here;
Tesla: rubber meets the road; the tea leaves suggest things not looking good; severe battery shortage amidst announcement that Tesla would deliver 30 cars by the end of July

Intermittent, unpredictable energy
Pricing updated
Coal: 1,600 new coal plants in 62 countries 

The Bakken

Hearing dockets for July released

Bakken 2.0
Seven new permits; 22 permits renewed; 5 DUCs completed -- daily report

Update on Tesoro's refinery in Dickinson

Show the frackers a little gratitude -- Investor's Business Daily
EOG reported two short laterals: 22 and 24 stages; 8 million lbs

Bakken economy
Best US state to start a business -- North Dakota  


  1. --Tony Thomas: The Trump Doctrine on Energy--

    1. Well, we know who might get credit for the 10-millionth view. Thank you, again.

    2. I've added this to Donald Trump's "make America great again" page:

  2. I have enjoyed your comments for several years since my Bro. Les introduced me to it... My question would be , are other countries into horizontal drilling and if not , why ? Thanks, Ray.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. Regarding other countries and horizontal drilling/fracking: except for two or three South American countries, there are few countries involved in horizontal drilling/fracking. France has banned it; England has said okay but not much going on. China would be interested but doesn't have the infrastructure and doesn't yet know the geology. There is no need for horizontal drilling/fracking in the Mideast (at least for the foreseeable future).