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July, 2017, NDIC Hearing Dockets, Full Summary -- July 2, 2017

Done very, very quickly; not triple-checked: there will be factual and typographical errors. If this is important to you, go to the source. 

The July, 2017, NDIC hearing dockets have been posted.

The highlights of these dockets were posted earlier; the full summary is now posted (below).

The hearing dockets are tracked here.

See, also, the Enerplus cases in more detail here

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

25929, MRO, Moord-Tyler Pool, proper spacing, Slope County; Moord field is about 8 miles east of Amidon
25930, NDIC, abandon Berenergy well, file #5643, Renville County
25931, Hess, Capa-Bakken, establish a 2560-acre unit; 1 well; Williams County
25932, Petro Harvester, Portal-Madison, establish two 640-acre units; 2 wells each; Burke County
25933, Petro Harvester, Flaxton-Madison, establish four 400-acre units; 2 wells each, Burke County
25934, Whiting, pooling
25935, Whiting, pooling
25936, Whiting, pooling
25937, Whiting, pooling
25938, Whiting, pooling
25939, Whiting, pooling
25940, Whiting, pooling
25941, Whiting, pooling
25942, Whiting, pooling
25943, Whiting, pooling
25944, Whiting, pooling
25945, Whiting, pooling
25946, Hess, pooling
25947, Hess, pooling
25948, Luff, Corey Butte Field, conversion to enhanced recovery into the Corey Butte-Red River Unit of the Paul White 1-35H well (#16093), Bowman County
25949, SM Energy, commingling
25950, SM Energy, commingling
25951, SM Energy, commingling
25952, SM Energy, commingling
25953, SM Energy, commingling
25954, SM Energy, commingling
25955, SM Energy, commingling
25956, SM Energy, commingling
25957, SM Energy, commingling
25958, SM Energy, commingling
25959, SM Energy, commingling
25960, SM Energy, commingling
25961, SM Energy, commingling
25962, SM Energy, commingling
25963, SM Energy, commingling
25964, SM Energy, commingling
25965, SM Energy, commingling
25966, SM Energy, commingling
25967, SM Energy, commingling
25968, SM Energy, commingling
25969, SM Energy, commingling
25970, SM Energy, commingling
25971, SM Energy, commingling
25972, SM Energy, commingling
25973, SM Energy, commingling
25974, SM Energy, commingling
25975, SM Energy, commingling

Thursday, July 27, 2017

25976, WPX, South Fork-Bakken, create an overlapping 2560-acre unit; 1 well; Dunn County
25977, Liberty Resources, Big Meadow and/or South Meadow-Bakken; amend, create two overlapping 2560-acre units; 1 well; Williams
25978, Liberty Resources, North Tioga-Bakken, amend, create and establish four 1920-acre units; 8 wells on each, total, 32 wells; Burke County
25979, EOG, Alger-Bakken, amend, create three overlapping 2560-acre units; multiple wells; Mountrail County
25980, EOG, Parshall and/or Big Bend-Bakken, i) created an overlapping 2560-acre unit; ii) create an overlapping 3840-acre unit; multiple wells on each; Mountrail
25981, EOG, Clarks Creek-Bakken and/or Antelope-Sanish Pool; amend; i) create an overlapping 960-acre nit; ii) create an overlapping 2240-acre unit; iii) create three overlapping 2560-acre units; multiple wells; McKenzie County
25982, Windridge Operating, Portal-Madison, amend; i) create an 800-acre unit; ii) create a 1280-acre unit; 1 well in each unit; OR in the alternative, i) create a 400-acre unit; ii) create a 640-acre units; two wells on each of units
25983, Samson Oil and Gas, Foreman Butte-Madison; amend; create an overlapping 1280-acre unit; enhanced oil recovery pilot operation; McKenzie County
25984, Slawson, Big Bend-Bakken, McKenzie, Mountrail
25985, DW Slate, Eagle Nest-Bakken; amend; i) create a 320-acre unit; ii) create an overlapping 640-acre unit; two wells; Dunn County
25986, Liberty Resources, pooling
25987, Liberty Resources, pooling
25988, Liberty Resources, pooling
25989, Liberty Resources, pooling
25990, Liberty Resources, pooling
25991, Liberty Resources, pooling
25992, Liberty Resources, pooling
25993, Liberty Resources, pooling
25994, Liberty Resources, pooling
25995, Liberty Resources, Stoneview-Bakken, i) 8 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit; ii) 7 wells on an existing 120-acre unit; Burke County
25996, Windridge, pooling
25997, Windridge, pooling
25998, Windridge, pooling
25999, Windridge, pooling
26000, Slawson, pooling
26001, Slawson, pooling
26002, Slawson, pooling
26003, Newfield, risk penalty legalese
26004, EOG, Alger-Bakken; 9 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit; Mountrail
26005, EOG, Hunt, Writing Rock-Bakken,flaring, Divide
26006, Resonance Exploration, commingling
26007, Enerplus, Spotted Horn-Bakken, i) 9 wells on an existing 640-acre unit; ii) 5 wells on an existing 640-acre unit; iii) 11 wells on each of two 1280-acre units; iv) 11 wells on an existing 1920-acre unit; McKenzie, Mountrail
26008, Enerplus, Antelope-Sanish; i) 7 wells on each of two 640-acre units; ii) 13 wells on each of 5 1280-acre units;
26009, Enerplus, Heart Butte-Bakken; i) 5 wells each of two 320-acre units; ii) 11 wells on each of 8 1280-acre units; Dunn
26010, WPX, Squaw Creek-Bakken; 4 wells on an existing 320-acre unit; McKenzie
26011, Samson Oil and Gas, Foreman Butte-Madison; rework of the Mays 1-20H (#15646) well, McKenzie County
26012, Arrow Water, Grail Field, SWD, McKenzie County
26013, Hydra Services, Lone Tree Lake Field, SWD, Williams County

Thursday, July 27, 2017

25901, CLR, Oakdale-Bakken, 12 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit; Dunn County

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