Saturday, July 1, 2017

It's All About The RINS, No Doubt -- July 1, 2017

From biomassmagazine:
Tesoro oil refinery in Dickinson, North Dakota, has plans to co-process renewable feedstock along with regionally sourced Bakken crude oil to produce a 5 percent renewable diesel blend. Construction is planned to begin in October with start-up expected in December. 
Some data points:
  • Tesoro acquired the Dakota Prairie Refinery in Dickinson last year
  • capacity: can refine 20,000 bbls per day
  • renewable feedstock: regionally sources soybean oil and distillers corn oil from ethanol plants
  • Tesoro has applied for a $500,00 grant through the NDIC
  • capacity: up to 16,800 gallons per day of renewable feedstock
  • the total cost of the project: $3.5 million
It's all about the RINS:
As an obligated party under the federal Renewable Fuel Standard, Tesoro indicated the project’s motivation is the increased environmental value of renewable diesel under the RFS.
“The co-processed renewable diesel will generate about 1.7 D5 RINs per gallon,” the refiner stated. “The current market value of a RIN is approximately $1 per RIN.”
The company said the results of this project will help determine the potential for a larger future renewable project at the Tesoro Dickinson Refinery.
Reminder: Tesoro will change its name to Andeavor on August 1, 2017.

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