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Jump In Production, An Old Oasis Crane Federal Well -- July 27, 2019


Later, 7:29 p.m. CT: immediately after posting the data below I got this note from a reader who really, really follows the Bakken very, very closely and sees so much that I miss. This note will be very interesting over time ... not sure how to save this note so as not to lose it in all the clutter -- I'll worry about that later / solve the problem later. But for now, here's the note/observation from the reader:

That production profile from #21903 (see below) seems to be very significant, but I do not know what to make of it regarding, specifically, the big surge in gas production.
Looking at the high, relatively flat oil production, one might deduce this is another example of a 'recharging' of the formation pressure via 'halo' from nearby frac or ... something else.
The highly elevated produced water levels show water was injected for some purpose, somewhere. Interestingly, the flat level of produced water implies some type of controlled flowback over several months. This, if accurate, would be in line with the restricted production practice (choking) so as to maintain elevated, induced formation pressure.
Not sure and, as you say, don't wish to get ahead of my headlights.
Biggest curiousity, however, is the significant 'spread' in the amount of produced gas versus produced oil. It is a LARGE change in proportionality. Going WAY out on a speculative limb here, but I wonder if newly opened, ultra, ultra tiny fissures (pore throats, specifically) are being blocked by the larger asphaltene molecules.
So little data is available to monitor this, but ongoing evidence for some time has implied a lot of the oil left behind is, indeed, the larger, more viscous molecules. If this is correct (big 'if', for sure), then miscible type EOR could prove especially effective as the remaining hydrocarbons would respond favorably by 'thinning'.
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The well:
  • 21903, 873, Oasis, Crane Federal 5300 41-26H, API: 33-105-02455, not re-fracked; t5/12; cum 366K 5/19;
Recent production:
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