Wednesday, July 11, 2018

FWIW -- Elon Musk Now Says He Will ... Well, You Need To Read It For Yourself --

Now that Thailand no longer needs his "submarine" services ....

This Page Definitely Needs A Video

Snap! Rhythm Is A Dancer

The Book Page

Gene Simmons On Power: My Journey Through The Corridors of Power And How You Can Get More Power, Gene Simmons, c. 2017.

Footprint: about the width and length of a standard-sized postcard.

Exactly the same thickness as my iPhone SE with the case on it (the iPhone case)

150 pages.

Can be read in one sitting.

Best part so far (I've only read the first 40 pages, to the end of chapter three): a) in less than a couple of pages, he "explains" Nietzsche in a way that for the first time I "understand" a bit more of that German philosopher; and, b) over several pages explains the "Hierarchy of Needs" as elucidated by Abraham Maslow in 1943. [In college, I was introduced to Nietzsche; I never, never understood  him. Now, maybe a bit.]

The bonus (so far, in the first 40 pages): the short biography of Gene Simmons and the short history of KISS.

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