Monday, September 30, 2013

After I Post The IPs Of Wells Coming Off The Confidential List This Morning, I'm Signing Off; New Poll

It's shaping up to be a day I don't want to follow the news.

Good luck to all. The wells coming off the confidential list over the weekend and today are posted here.


While waiting, I might as well clear out an old poll. Obviously the Syrian issue went nowhere, and oil didn't come close to surging as some thought might happen. Results of the poll in which we asked if readers thought oil would hit $145 by now:
  • Yes: 10%
  • No, not higher than $130: 19%
  • No, not higher than $120: 38%
  • No, the high ($114) has been reached for now: 32%
Now, the new poll:
Will NYMEX oil drop below $100 by the end of the month, October, 2013?

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