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NDIC Hearing Dockets -- February, 2013

List of all monthly dockets

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

19572, North Plains, revoking a Murex permit, Jennifer Abigail, Divide County
19480, cont'd
19573, Marquis Alliance, oilfield waster facility, Williams County
19574, Williston Exploration, siting for Rocky Ridge Fritz #1, Billings County
18647, cont'd
19575, Cornerstone Natural Resources, proper spacing for Big Gulch-Bakken, Dunn
19225, cont'd
19576, Whiting, temporary spacing for Evy June 18-19H, McKenzie
19577, Whiting, temporary spacing for Kjelstrup 44-24TFH, Golden Valley
19578, Whiting, temporary spacing for Samuelson 23-32, Golden Valley
19579, Whiting, amend Roosevelt-Bakken, establish a 1280-acre unit; 4 wells; Billings
19580, Whiting, amend Camel Hump-Red River and/or Delhi-Red River, establish 1 320-acre unit, 1 we;; establish 2 160-acre units with one well each; Golden Valley
19789 (sic), Whiting, siting for the Brookbank State 42-16TFH, Sanish-Bakken, Mountrail
19581, Bakken Hunter, Bounty School-Bakken, establish 13 640-acre units; and 10 1280-acre units; 8 wells on each of the 640-acre units and up to 16 wells on each of the 1280-acre units, Divide (Bounty School field borders the Canadian border, just east of Crosby, north of Williston)
19582, Petro-Hunt, Stoneview-Bakken, create a 2560-acre unit, 10 wells; or alternatively, create a 1280-acre unit with 5 wells on the existing 1280-acre unit and another 5 on the proposed 1280-acre unit, Divide
19583, Petro-Hunt, amend Charlson-Bakken and the Keene-Bakken/Three Forks, to establish one overlapping 2560-acre unit; 1 one on that unit, McKenzie
19407, cont'd
19408, cont'd
19584, Hess, amend Manitou-Bakken, establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit, 1+ wells on the unit in between the exiting 1280-acre units; Mountrail;
19403, cont'd
19585, Hess, amend Alkali Creek-Bakken, establish a 1280-acre unit; up to 10 wells on the unit; Mountrail;
19586, Hess, amend Blue Buttes-Bakken, establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit; 1+ wells between the existing 128-acre units; McKenzie
19587, Hess, amend Beaver Lodge-Devonian and Bakken pools and the Capa-Bakken, establish a 1280-acre unit; 4 wells in the Three Forks formation; Williams
19588, Hess, amend Beaver Lodge-Bakken, produce unrestricted; Williams
19589, Hess, amend Hawkeye-Bakken, produce unrestricted; McKenzie
19590, Hes, Blue Buttes, Antelope, and Hawkeye, commingling, McKenzie and Mountrail
19402, cont'd
19591, SM Energy, amend Elm Tree-Bakken and Phelps Bay-Bakken, amend stratigraphic definition, Mountrail and McKenzie
19592, SM Energy, amend Poe-Bakken, establish a 2560-acre unit; 1 well; McKenzie
19593, SM Energy, amend Johnson Corner-Bakken and Dimmick Lake-Bakken; establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit; 1+ wells, McKenzie
19594, SM Energy, amend Sivertson-Bakken, up to 9 wells on three 1280-acre units; establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit for 1+ wells; McKenzie
19595,  BR, amend Camel Butte-Bakken and Clear Creek-Bakken, to establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit; 1+ wells between the existing 1280-acre unit; McKenzie
19596, BR, amend, Edge, the Camel Butte, and the Clear Creek-Bakken; establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit; 1+ well between the existing 1280-acre units; McKenzie
19597, BR, amend Camel Butte and the Blue Buttes-Bakken; establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit; 1+ well between the existing 1280-acre units; McKenzie
19598, BR, amend Johnson Corner and the Blue Buttes-Bakken; establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit, 1+ well; McKenzie
19599, BR, amend Pershing-Bakken, establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit, 1+ well between....McKenzie
19600, BR, amend Pershing-Bakken, Croff-Bakken and North Fork-Bakken; establish three overlapping 2560-acre units; 1+ wells between....McKenzie
19601, BR, amend MonDak-Bakken, establish one 1280-acre unit; 1 well; McKenzie
19602, BR, amend Pierre Creek and the Covered Bridge-Bakken, extend Pierre Creek by one section; establish 3 1280-acre units; 1 well; McKenzie
19603, True, amend Red Wing Creek and Bowline Fields to create a 1600-acre unit for the Bowline-Bakken; up to 7 wells on that unit, McKenzie
19604, Sequel, amend Temple-Bakken, unrestricted production, Williams
19605, Sequel, amend North Tioga-Bakken, unrestricted production, Burke, Divide and Williams
19606, Sequel, amend Stoneview-Bakken, unrestricted production, Burke, Divide, Williams
19418, cont'd
19607, MRO, amend Lost Bridge-Bakken, unrestricted production, Dunn
19608, MRO, amend Deep Water Creek Bay-Bakken, unrestricted production, Dunn and McLean
19609, MRO, amend Strandahl-Bakken, unrestricted production, Williams
19610, American Eagle, amend Colgan-Bakken to authorize up to 8 wells on an existing 800-acre unit; authorize up to 8 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit; and authorize up to 8 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit; Divide County
19611, North Plains, SWD
19612, Mesa, SWD
19613, Legacy Reserves, enhanced recovery, Knutson-Madison, Ramona Federal 21-6, Billings
19614, WaterWorks Cartwright, SWD
19615, True, SWD, notice to dismiss, McKenzie
19616, True, amend, Buffalo Wallow-Bakken, 7 wells on each 1280-acre unit in Zone II, McKenzie
19617, Sequel, pooling, Stoneview-Bakken, Divide
19618, Sequel, pooling, North Tioga-Bakken, Divide
19619, KOG, pooling, Corinth-Bakken, Williams
19620, KOG, amend, Poe-Bakken, 8 wells on 6 1280-acre units; McKenzie;
19621, KOG, amend, Pembroke-Bakken, 12 wells on 8 1280-acre units, McKenzie;
19622, Petro-Hunt, pooling, North Tioga-Bakken, Burke
19623, Petro-Hunt, amend, Glass Bluff-Bakken, 8 wells on each 1280-acre unit; McKenzie, Williams
19624, Petro-Hunt, amend, Stockyard Creek-Bakken, 7 wells on a 640-acre unit, Williams County;
19625, Hess, commingling
19626, Hess, commingling
19627, Hess, commingling
19628, Hess, commingling
19629, Hess, commingling
19630, Hess, commingling
19631, Hess, commingling
19632, Hess, commingling
19633, Hess, commingling,
19634, Hess, commingling
19635, Hess, commingling,
19636, Hess, commingling
19637, BR, amend, Johnson Corner-Bakken, 12 wells on a 2560-acre unit, McKenzie
19638, SM Energy, pooling, Stockyard Creek-Madison, Williams
19639, SM Energy, pooling Stockyard Creek-Madison, Willams
19640, SM Energy, amend Dimmick Lake-Bakken, 9 wells on two 1280-acre units; McKenzie
19641, SM Energy, pooling
19642, SM Energy, pooling
19643, MRO, pooling
19644, MRO, pooling
19645, MRO, pooling
19646, MRO, pooling
19647, MRO, pooling
19648, MRO, pooling,
19649, MRO, pooling,
19650, MRO, pooling
19651, Whiting, pooling
19652, Whiting, pooling
19653, Whiting, pooling
19654, Whiting, pooling
19655, Whiting, pooling
19656, Whiting, pooling
19657, Whiting, pooling
19658, Whiting, pooling
19659, Whiting, pooling
19660, Whiting, pooling
19661, Whiting, pooling
19662, Whiting, pooling
19663, Whiting, pooling
19664, Whiting, pooling
19665, Whiting, pooling
19666, Whiting, pooling
19667, Oasis, amend, Squires-Bakken, 8 wells on each 1280-acre unit; Williiams

Thursday, February 28, 2013

19668, CLR, et al, Crazy Man Creek-Bakken, proper spacing, McKenzie, Williams
19669, CLR, et al, Hebron-Bakken, proper spacing, Williams
19670, CLR, extend Juno, Kimberly, Baukol Noonan and/or Noonan-Bakken; establish 4 1280-acre units; establish 4 1920-acre units; create 2 overlapping 1920-acre units; 1 wells on each, Divide
19671, CLR, extend Sanish or Four Bears-Bakken; create a 1280-acre unit, 8 wells, McKenzie, Mountrail
19672, CLR, extend Painted Woods or Todd-Bakken, establish a 640-acre unit; 1 well; Williams
19673, CLR, extend Stoneview or Leaf Mountain-Bakken; establish a 1280-acre unit; 1 well; Burke
19674, CLR, amend, Stoneview and Sauk-Bakken, create two overlapping 2560-acre units; multiple wells; Divide, Williams
19675, CLR, Stoneview-Bakken, 12 wells on an existing overlapping 2560-acre unit; Divide, Williams
19676, CLR, Northwest McGregor-Bakken, 12 wells on an existing overlapping 2560-acre unit, Williams
19677, CLR, amend Oliver-Bakken, create an overlapping 2560-acre unit; multiple wells; Williams
19678, CLR, Elm Tree-Bakken, 14 wells on each existing overlapping 2560-acre units; McKenzie
19679, CLR, Alkali Creek-Bakken, 14 wells on an existing overlapping 2560-acre unit; McKenzie, Mountrail
19334, cont'd
19605, con'd, notice to dismiss
19680, XTO, extend Lindahl-Bakken, establish a 1280-acre unit, 1 well; Williams
19320, cont'd
19487, cont'd
19488, cont'd
19681, EOG, siting for the Liberty 106-0107H wells; Mountrail
19682, WPX, amend Reunion Bay-Bakken, establish a 640-acre unit, 1 well; Mountrail
19683, WPX, revoke several QEP permits, Dunn
19684, WPX, siting for the Blackhawk 1-12HW, Dunn
18497, cont'd
19685, BEXP, amend, Briar Creek-Bakken, establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit; 15 wells on the unit; Williams, McKenzie
19686, BEXP, amend, Alger-Bakken, establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit; 10 wells; Mountrail
19687, Slawson, reconfiguring field boundaries for Four Bears, Sanish, Van Hook, and Big Bend-Bakken; drill additional wells; Dunn, McKenzie, McLean, Mountrail
19514, cont'd
18676, cont'd
18677, cont'd
18678, cont'd
19325, cont'd
19326, cont'd
19688, Baytex, flaring
19689, Baytex, flaring
19690, Baytex, flaring
19691, Baytex, flaring
19692, Baytex, flaring
19693, Baytex, flaring
19694, Corinthian, create 7 320-acre units; 12 wells on each 320-acre unit; Bottineau
19695, Corinthian, extend North Souris and/or Red Rock-Spearfish; create 3 320-acre units; 12 wells on each 320-acre unit; Bottineau
19696, Crescent Point, temporary spacing, Williams
19697, Evergreen Mud, portable waste treating facility,
19223, cont'd
18836, cont'd
19342, cont'd
19698, Sinclair, Mary-Bakken, 4 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Dunn
19699, XTO, Heart Butte-Bakken, 4 wells on an existing 640-acre unit; Dunn
19700, XTO, Tioga-Bakken, 8 wells on an existing 960-acre unit, Williams
19556, cont'd
19701, GMX Resources, pooling
19702, GMX Resources, pooling
19703, GMX Resources, pooling
19704, G3 Operating, pooling
19705, G3 Operating, pooling
19706, G3 Operating, pooling
19707, G3 Operating, pooling
19708, G3 Operating, pooling
19709, G3 Operating, pooling
19710, G3 Operating, pooling
19711, G3 Operating, pooling
19712, Zavanna, pooling
19713, Zavanna, SWD
19714, Corinthian, pooling
19715, Zenergy, pooling
19716, Zenergy, pooling
19717, Zenergy, pooling
19718, Samson Resources, risk penalty legalese
19719, Samson Resources, risk penalty legalese
19720, Flatirons, Lake Darling-Madison, 3 wells on an existing 640-acre unit, Renville,
19721, Newfield, pooling
19722, Newfield, risk penalty legalese
19723, Newfield, risk penalty legalese
19724, Newfield, risk penalty legalese
19725, Newfield, risk penalty legalese
19726, Fidelity, risk penalty legalese
19727, Fidelity, risk penalty legalese
19728, Fidelity, risk penalty legalese
19729, Fidelity, risk penalty legalese
19730, CLR, pooling
19371, CLR, pooling
19732, CLR, pooling
19733, CLR, pooling
19734, CLR, pooling
19735, CLR, pooling
19736, CLR, pooling
19737, CLR, pooling
19738, CLR, pooling
19739, CLR, pooling
19740, CLR, pooling
19741, CLR, pooling
19742, CLR, pooling
19743, CLR, pooling
19744, CRL, pooling
19745, CLR, pooling
19746, CLR, pooling
19747, CLR, pooling
19748, CLR, pooling
19749, CLR, pooling
19750, CLR, pooling
19751, CLR, pooling
19752, CLR, pooling
19753, CLR, poolng
19754, CLR, pooling
19755, CLR, pooling
19756, CLR, pooling
19757, CLR, pooling
19758, CLR, pooling
19759, CLR, pooling
19760, CLR, pooling
19761, CLR, pooling
19762, CLR, pooling
19763, CLR, pooling
19764, CLR, pooling
19765, CLR, pooling
19766, CLR, pooling
19767, CLR, pooling
19768, CLR, pooling
19769, CLR, pooling
19770, CLR, pooling
19771, CLR, pooling
19772, CLR, pooling
19773, CLR, risk penalty legalese
19774, CLR, risk penalty legalese
19775, CLR, risk penalty legalese
19776, CLR, risk penalty legalese
19777, CLR, risk penalty legalese
19778, CLR, risk penalty legalese
19779, CLR, Haystack Butte-Bakken, increase density wells on each 1280-acre unit to 7 wells; Dunn, McKenzie
19780, CLR, Elk-Bakken, 7 wells on each existing 1280-acre unit; McKenzie
19781, CLR, Banks-Bakken, 7 wells on each 1280-acre unit, McKenzie, Williams
19782, CLR, Poe-Bakken, 7 wells on each 1280-acre unit; McKenzie
19783, CLR, Viking-Bakken, 7 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit; Burke
19784, CLR, Antelope-Sanish, 7 wells on each existing 1280-acre unit, McKenzie
19785, CLR, Glass Bluff-Bakken, 7 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, McKenzie
19786, CLR, SWD
19787, Hanna SWD, SWD
19788, Harris SWD, SWD
19782, cont'd
19369, cont'd
19377, cont'd
19378, cont'd
19380, cont'd
19381, cont'd
19382, cont'd
19386, cont'd

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