Wednesday, January 8, 2020

WPX With Seven New Permits, MRO Has Another Permit In The Phenomenal Bailey Oil Field -- January 8, 2020

Active rigs:

Active Rigs5663543958

Nine new permits, #37316 - #37324, inclusive --
  • Operators: WPX (7); MRO (2)
  • Fields: Mandaree (McKenzie); Reunion Bay (Mountrail); Antelope (McKenzie); Bailey (Dunn);
  • Comments:
    • WPX has six more Mandaree permits, six Topaz permits in section 24-149-94;
    • WPX has an additional Patricia Kelly permit in the Antelope oil field, section 3-150-94;
    • MRO has another Klovstad permit in that remarkable Bailey oil field, section 33-145-93;
    • MRO has an Oscar Thorson USA permit in Reunion Bay oil field, section 8-151-93; 
Two permits canceled:
  • Oasis: an Oasis Meiers permit in Mountrail County
  • XTO: a Sonya Federal permit in Williams County
Nineteen (19) permits renewed:
  • Resource Energy Can-Am (5): one Marauder permit; one Charger permit; one Odyssey permit; two Beetle permits, all in Divide County
  • BR (4): two Kermit permits and two Rink permits, all in McKenzie County
  • XTO (4): four Hartel permits in McKenzie County
  • EOG (4): four Austin permits in Mountrail County; 
  • Nine Point Energy: one Novak permit in McKenzie County
  • Oasis: a Borden Federal permit in Williams County
Three producing wells (DUCs) reported as completed:
  • 35255, 3,416, Hess, BB-Olson-LE-150-95-09H-1, two sections, Blue Buttes, t12/19; cum --;
  • 35256, 3,186, Hess, BB-Olson-150-95-09H-11, one section, Blue Buttes, t12/19; cum --;
  • 35257, 2,708, Hess, BB-Olson-150-95-09H-10, one section, Blue Buttes, t12/19; cum --;
That New MRO Permit In Bailey Oil Field

Newest permit:
  • 37316, loc, MRO, Klovstad 34-33H, Bailey, SESW 33-145-93, 
Three other permits in that area:
  • 37093, loc, MRO, Ruggles 14-33H, Bailey,
  • 37094, loc, MRO, Pomeroy 14-33TFH, Bailey,
  • 37095, loc, MRO, Wiest 24-33H, Bailey,
  • 19116, 462, MRO, Tramp 44-32H, Bailey, t11/10; cum 179K 11/19; needs to be re-fracked;
The graphic (quick! What is the first thing you notice in this graphic?):


  1. Hess has some nice completions, but I’ve sat on the sidelines in over a dozen great wells because I can’t make the math work. They absolutely rob non-ops with deductions twice that of the median operator. An audit needs to be organized.