Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vern Whitten Photography -- September 16, 2014

What a gift. What a treat. Again, these make wonderful gifts. 

Vern Whitten has sent links to four new sets of images from North Dakota and Minnesota: two are from the Bakken, one cruise down the Badlands, and the last set covers central Minnesota to the middle of North Dakota.

Summertime Bakken: http://www.vernwhittenphotography.net/wes62914/

Sights and Progress:  http://www.vernwhittenphotography.net/wes8914/

Cruising the Badlands:  http://www.vernwhittenphotography.net/bad8914/

Summertime Sights: http://www.vernwhittenphotography.net/sum2014/

Too much to discuss, but there is an aerial view of the CLR 14-well Atlanta pad southwest of Williston in Baker oil field. I tried getting to that pad but could not.


Vern Whitten Photography

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