Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Old Madison Well >750,000 Bbls Since 1972 North Of Carpio, North Dakota; Lake Darling Oil Field

Check out this post first, posted earlier this morning, about homebuilding in Carpio and some Madison oil activity in the general area.

Lake Darling is a very irregular-shaped field, about 25 miles northwest of Minot.  

Then this: never underestimate the Madison.

About six miles north of Carpio,
  • 25695, conf, Flatirons Resources, Stoa 41-1 2H, Lake Darling, producing as of July, 2013; looks like a fairly decent well, probably a Madison well
A well drilled in almost the exact location a few years has been mildly successful:
  • 15732, 25, Flatrirons Resources, Stoa 41-1H, Lake Darling, Madison formation; t6/05; cum 84K 4/13; it has leveled off at about 1,600 bbls/month
Should folks be excited about this area? I'll let the reader decide. Less than five miles to the east of these two wells is this one:
  • 5166, 30, Genesis St Operating, Vendsel 1 (a vertical well), Lake Darling, Madison, t4/72; cum 758K 4/13; it was shut in for awhile, but NDIC shows it now active, though very little production.
This well has been producing since 1972, was a simple vertical well, and has produced three-quarters of a million bbls of oil.

In the same section, 1,500 feet away from #5166, is:
  • 5514, 264, Arsenal Energy, Federal Darling 1, t3/75; cum 688K 4/13; stripper well still active; 
And there are other Madisons with similar success.

So, some takeaways:
  • a story today on new homebuilding in Carpio, ND (northwest of Minot)
  • some spectacular Madison wells in this area from the past (and some still active)
  • two rigs on site in this area at the current time (June, 2013)
  • a cluster of new Madison sites northwest of Minot
  • speculation for quite some time that the area north of Minot could be of interest again

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