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Homebuilding In Carpio, North Dakota; Northwest Of Minot; Near Current Madison Activity


August 18, 2013:
  • a rig is now on site for #25472, with release from confidential list on 12/20/13
  • the release date for #19783 is 11/7/13
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Earlier this week I noted it will be interesting to see the outcome of a cluster of wells northwest of Minot.
Wildcats between Norma oil field and Smith oil field about 35 miles northwest of Minot:
  • 19474, conf, Fram Operating, Nailor Trust 1,
  • 19781, conf, Fram Operating, Helmers 1,
  • 19782, conf, Fram Operating, Schlak 1,
  • 19783, conf, release 11/7/13, Fram Operating, Schlak 2,
  • 21972, conf, Fram Operating, Goettle 1,
  • 25472, ros, release 12/20/13, Fram Operating, Schlak 3,
  • 25580, conf, Fram Operating, Murphy 2
These are vertical wells, probably targeting the Madison.
Today, of all things, Don sent me a Dickinson Press story on building activity in Carpio, just a few miles southeast of these wells.
Work will begin this summer on a housing development that could more than double the size of this small town on the outskirts of the Oil Patch.
Eagle Homes, a residential developer based in Illinois, is building 148 lots in Carpio, which had a population of 157 in 2010.
The project, which will get underway this July, is geared to provide affordable housing for families, said Ken Wisniewski, principal of Eagle Homes.
North Dakota’s oil boom is fueling a demand for workers, but a lack of affordable housing continues to be a challenge for workers and companies trying to fill jobs.

Above: the cluster of Fram Operating wells, probably targeting the Madison formation.

Above: note the location of the cluster of Fram Operating wells about ten miles northwest of Carpio. Carpio is about 25 miles northwest of Minot.

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