Friday, September 13, 2019

Off The Net For Awhile -- September 13, 2019


The Thirteenth.

Full moon.


What could possibly go wrong?

MoviePass (Movie Pass) dead?


  1. As an MP in the Army, these were the days we marked on the calendar. For us and everyone in the post Dispensary ER with was usually a wild ride. In the FRG, add redneck GI's, German beer, payday and Full Moon. Throw in an assortment of club floor shows and it got weird in a hurry

    1. I remember those days. The US Army was probably wilder then the US Air Force. I was in Europe for 13 years so we had a lot of these days.

      Experts tell us this is not true, but it seems there were more pregnant women that went into labor when there was a full moon when there was not.

      As a pediatrician, I did not look forward to those nights with a full moon.