Thursday, January 31, 2019

January 31, 2019, T+29, Day 6 Of Open Border Negotiations

Notes from all over except the Bakken.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. First, and this is quite amazing. First of all, it was not fake news as Scott Adams says it was. In fact, the governor of Virginia double-downed on his support for infanticide / fourth-trimester abortions. A Virginia co-sponsor of the bill the bill says she had not read the bill when she signed on as a co-sponsor, did not know it went that far, and how "taken back" her support. Sounds like the ObamaCare bill when we were told we would know what was in it once it was passed. I guess voters are getting a tad smarter. No link. Story easily found.

Last one out turn out the lights. And just leave the bill on the table. I can't make this up. The new  Connecticut governor now proposes taxing groceries and prescription drugs. Considering the high price of the latter, if his proposal passes, it should be more than enough to balance the Connecticut budget and leave room for cutting taxes on yachts. No link. Story easily found.

Alexa: I never knew Slim Whitman had so many songs. About two hours ago, I asked Alexa to play "Slim Whitman." Now, almost two hours later, Alexa continues to play Slim Whitman and to the best of my knowledge, none have been repeated, and I have not even heard some I know that are yet to be played.

From wiki:
In 1955, "Rose Marie" was a hit for the American country singer Slim Whitman.
Produced by Lew Chudd, of Imperial Records. Whitman's recording of the song spent 11 weeks at number one in the UK Singles Chart - setting a record which was not beaten until 1991, when Bryan Adams spent 16 weeks at the top of that chart with "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You". The previous year, in the US, Whitman had peaked at number five on the Best Sellers in Stores chart.
Comment: unsaid -- by 1991, the Beatles were "history," which means that Slim Whitman's "Rose Marie" beat every Beatles song for longevity as #1 on UK Singles Chart.
Watch at our own risk.

Slim Whitman, mix
A whistler, too.  I knew he could yodel. I did not know he could whistle.

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