Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Equinor's Knoshaug Wells Have Been Completed

Equinor's Knoshaug wells in Avoca oil field have been completed, reported, and are producing nice wells.

What Condition Is My Condition In?

Google search: bakken oil January 2019.

A very, very "generic" search.

First five hits:
  • the first three: themilliondollarway
  • the fourth and fifth hits: Zacks

What Condition Is My Condition In? Kenny Rogers and the First Edition

Super Bowl, best quotes from The Big Lebowski. #11 was posted earlier. Today, #10, #9, and #8:
  • 10. This aggression will not stand.
  • 9. It really tied the room together.
  • 8. It's Sandro, about Biennale.
The Book Page

A History of the Arab Peoples: Albert Hourani, c. 1991.

The path of the mystics, p. 72:

The science and theology, law and tradition all began with what was given in the Qur'an, and ended by reinforcing the claims of Islam and heightening the barrier between it and the other monotheistic religiosn to which it was kin. There were other strands of thoughts, however ...
One of them was that line of thought and practice which is commonly called "mysticism"; the Arabic equivalent to this word is tasawwful (from which comes the anglicized form Sufism) possibly derived from the robes of wool (suf) which one of the early groups was supposed to have worn.

It is no generally agreed that it drew its inspiration from the Qur'an. A believer meditating on its meaning might be filled witha  sense of the overwhelming transcendence of God and the total dependence of all creatures on Him: God the all-powerful, the inscrutable, guiding those who had faith in Him, for all His greatness was present and near to every human soul which relied on Him, "nearer to you than the vein in your neck."

The Qur'an contains potent images of the nearness of God to man, and the way in which man can respond. Before the world was created, God is said to have made a covenant (mithaq) with human beings. He asked them, "Am I not your Lord?" and they answered, "Yes, we testify."

[Do I hear an "amen"?]

In his life Muhammad is said to have made a mysterious journey, first to Jerusalem and then to Paradise, where he was allowed to approach to a certain distance from God and have a vision of His face.

Connecting the Dots

I don't think it's all that hard to connect these two dots recently in the headlines:

  • it is now legal in New York for non-physicians to "end the life" of a delivered, living newborn if the "plan all along was to abort that fetus"; and, 
  • the plan to remove "so help you God" from a congressional oath
If the end-all and be-all is simply what we have in the "here and now" that's sort of where we end up. 

Later: Virginian tries to "out-do" New York on abortion. A Virginia legislator is advocating for post-delivery abortion. I guess the mom gets a chance to look at the live born and then decide if she wants the baby to live. Sort of reminds me of the stories from the classical Greek and Roman era. Link here

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