Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Does A Government Shutdown Even Matter? -- December 12, 2018

Facts and/or what I recall as being factual:
  • past government shutdowns have been "nothing burgers"
  • "everyone" in government has been through this before; they know the drill
  • government workers are so protected by the Deep State, that they will be protected and adequately compensated for any shutdown
  • government workers already have unemployment forms on their desks, ready to be signed and filed the minute the government is shutdown; they will draw 90% of their government salary during their furlough
  • 95% of government is deemed critical and won't be affected by a government shutdown anyway
  • 75% of the government is currently funded
  • so, we're talking about  5% of 25% of the government will be shutdown or 1.25% of the government
  • the agency most affected by the shutdown, ironically, will be Homeland Security
  • I doubt folks going to national parks in the middle of December will be inconvenienced
  • the farm bill will be passed regardless; the farm bill has nothing do with a government shutdown


  1. Sadly, most of the farm bill has little to do with farms. It's all about subsidies for food stamps and funding welfare.
    Only in American politics can you find a program best suited for HHS being funded out of the Ag Dept.
    Has never made sense to me

    1. Thank you. I was very, very naive on this point. Politicians are very, very clever how they name bills; promote bills; and pay for programs. Thank you for the reminder.