Sunday, October 14, 2018

Speaking Of Zombies -- October 14, 2018

If you go to "google winds" right now and scan over to the north Atlantic, somewhere between Spain and Great Britain, you will see what looks like a hurricane.

In fact, it is a hurricane. It's a zombie hurricane. Zombie Hurricane Leslie. It developed before Hurricane Michael and is still hanging around.
The hurricane has been labelled a “zombie” because it has been meandering a huge stretch of the sea since forming on September 23, but that all could change in time for Halloween.
Leslie has stayed between 30 and 65 degrees west longitude - so far well away from any land or inland seas - surviving on warm waters and moisture over the middle of the Atlantic.
The latest tropical storm has been moved around by weather systems over the Atlantic Ocean but there hasn’t been a system strong enough to push the storm towards land.
But a non-tropical feature is now forecast to drag Hurricane Leslie in that direction, enabling it to break free from the central Atlantic region.
AccuWeather meteorologist Tyler Roys said: "The strong front moving through the United Kingdom could pull Leslie towards Europe by early next week.”
As Hurricane Leslie approaches, the weather forecaster warned waves will build in size and strength, firstly around the Canary Islands, Azores and the Island of Madeira.
Leslie is coming into contact with some wind shear, which could drop it down to a tropical storm category on Saturday as it pushes just north of Madeira, but heavy wind and rain are still forecast across Madeira.
Your weather lesson for the day. Don't ever let anyone tell you that "themilliondollarway" doesn't have any useful information. LOL.

I'm not aware that Algore has mentioned this "zombie" hurricane. Had this hurricane developed in the early 1490's, the story of Christopher Columbus could have ended significantly differently.

From Fortune magazine, July 5, 2018, by the way: the 2018 hurricane season was forecast not to be as bad as originally forecast. And so far, 2018 has been a bust as far as the number of hurricanes that have hit the US so far. Officially, there have been two this year, but the first one is / remains controversial. It may not have been a hurricane at all when it hit landfall; there are some suggestions that NOAA is measuring the winds differently. Yes, don't get me started.

If true, there has been only one hurricane that hit landfall in the US this year -- but it was a doozy.

By the way, speaking of Algore, he and the UN have given us another twelve years to ward off global warming. Back in 1994, we only had ten years, but in the most recent UN-Algore announcement, we now have twelve years to save ourselves. And actually, it appears that we really have until 2050, as long as "we plant a billion trees and phase out coal completely by 2050." That's what they say. I can't make this stuff up. A billion trees and no coal. That sounds easier than flying us all to Mars.

By the way, if we all do have to evacuate to Mars, the good news is this: Tesla is already sending EVs to the red planet. That means we won't have to walk to the local 7-11. I wonder if fracking will be allowed on Mars?

Algore. Wow, what a doofus. But a really, really wealthy doofus.

And that's why I love to blog. I had no idea that I would start this page talking about zombies and end up talking about Algore.

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