Monday, June 19, 2017

The Political Page, T+150 -- June 19, 2017

Jared Kushner announces huge improvements in the VA system, today. Two big announcements:
  • VA medical records now -- electronic medical records; the active side of the military has had electronic records for over two decades; VA now uses same/similar system (see link below)
  • VA wait time has improved from 25 days to 8 days
I'm sure these announcements will be scrutinized for accuracy. But if in fact it's accurate that the Trump administration was successful in getting the VA to move to electronic medical records in five (5) months, it begs the question: what the heck was the Obama administration doing for eight years? I guess promoting the global warming scam.

More on the VA and electronic medical records:
If the hype is correct, this is a big, big deal, and, of course, the mainstream media (i.e., the nightly news) will not cover it appropriately.

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