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What NYC And Others Will Be Talking About Wednesday -- December 14, 2015


December 15, 2015: Howard re-signed for five years
It has been announced that Howard Stern signed a new five-year deal with Sirius XM  which includes a 12-year deal giving Sirius XM rights to video and audio material from Stern's 30-year radio career and a plan "to launch its first venture into video programming with Howard."
I was pretty sure he would go video; I wish I had said that below, although as he ages, I thought he might not want to be on video, but his past shows can easily go into syndication.
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Where oh where will Howard go? Or will he stay? Bloomberg is reporting that we should know in less than 48 hours:
On the morning of Wednesday, December 16, 2015, Stern will host his final show under a five-year contract with SiriusXM. What he will do next remains a mystery. He could walk away from the medium, as he once did from broadcast, to try his hand at, say, Internet radio.
Or he could retire. Or he could sign a new contract with SiriusXM.
During his show last week, Stern told listeners he hasn't made up his mind. If past is precedent, he will probably reveal his next move on the air in the coming days. There's a lot of money riding on the decision. 
At least $80 million / year.

My hunch: $100 million minimum  to stay another year.

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Macrumors is reporting:
General Motors said it has "anecdotal evidence" that CarPlay, available in over two dozen 2016 Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC models, is helping sell new vehicles to customers, according to The Wall Street Journal. A pair of GM dealers confirmed CarPlay is "helping to close the deal" on purchases.

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