Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday -- More Miscellaneous -- April 15, 2015; Today's EIA Fortune Cookie

Oh, I almost forgot -- tax day today. Postmark it today; send it registered and it will take six weeks to get to the IRS.

Today's EIA blurb:
The timing of the projected end to U.S. net energy imports depends on assumptions about oil prices, energy resources, and economic growth. In the AEO2015 Reference case, imports and exports are balanced starting in 2028. In other cases, such as the High Oil Price and High Oil and Gas Resource cases, the United States becomes a net exporter of energy in 2019. However, in the Low Oil Price case, the United States remains a net energy importer through 2040. --- EIA
The EIA blurb has morphed from "blurb" to "fortune cookie." If I remember, it will morph to "energy cookie" tomorrow. 

This is a most interesting WSJ article: 100,000 layoffs in the oil and gas industry, and yet I don't see those numbers reflected in the weekly monthly jobs reports. These 100,000 jobs would be "direct." I assume there would also be a lot of "indirect" jobs lost.

Muscle Shoals Continued

Saved, Bob Dylan


Slow Train Coming.

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