Thursday, August 14, 2014

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things -- August 14, 2014

Some data points before I get back into the swing of things:
  • first time unemployment claims surge
  • President Obama on track to have more golf outings than Tiger
  • "the world is exploding all over the place" -- SecDef Hagel
  • plans to "cut" the military appear to be on track
  • "boots on ground" back in Iraq -- Special Forces and US Marines on the mountain
  • price of WTI down but holding its own
  • Saudi to flood the market with oil?
  • Italy back in recession
  • early reports that Germany may swing into recession with -0.2% growth; how are those sanctions working out?
  • huge IPs being reported in the Bakken
Unemployment Claims
  • last week's 289,000 revised upward to 290,00
  • consensus for this week: 289,000
  • actual: surged to 311,000
  • mainstream media analysis: everything on track; economy rose; jobless claims continue to close to pre-recession levels;
  • four-week average, a less volatile measure, only jumped 2,000, to 295,750
  • and Mr Obama is still on vacation
Even The Los Angeles Times is surprised, their headline: jobless claims take surprising jump to 6-week high. (That headline was on the front page of the day's news summary; the headline at the story: "Jobless Claims Rise to 6-Week High, But Remain Relatively Low." I can't make this stuff up. Relatively? UC Irvine? Really?

Cisco will cut 6,000 jobs (8% of workforce).

Global Economy

first of all, sanctions never work
Italy is in recession

Read My Lips

Four score and seven years ago ... : Abraham Lincoln
No new taxes: George Bush I
Brownie, you're doing a heckuva job: George Bush II
I will not send combat troops back into Iraq; that chapter is over: Baraq

Old Code-Words

Special Forces, US Marines: military advisers

Old Code-Words

Small regional wars where US military advisers are sent: "projects" -- Baraq Obama as quoted by NBC News.

Back in Air War College, I was introduced to "small regional conflicts (SRC)" and "military operations other than war (MOOTW)" but never "projects."

US Golfers Ranking: Update

Tiger Woods drops out of top 5
President Baraq O'Bama moves into top 20  

Baraq O'Bama To Interrupt Martha Vineyard Vacation

There are reports that President O'Bama will return to Wasshington, DC, this weeken. No one knows why. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out: Bill Clinton knows. From a very, very unreliable source. Don't quote me on this.

And Through All of This, For Some, There's A Kind of A Hush All Over the World 

There's A Kind of Hush, Herman's Hermits


  1. Good to see, you're back, Bruce. Thought that maybe you'd fallen into that big hole in Arizona.

    1. We were on the move quite a bit and although wi-fi readily available it became tiresome to find an outlet, and a new log-in, wherever we were going.

      My wife really appreciated that I did not get the computer out for three days.