Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fargo: Participating in the Bakken Boom -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Link here to the Fargo Forum.

Nothing really new in this article, but another "feel-good" story coming out of the Bakken.
The ongoing boom in the western North Dakota Oil Patch has been a siren song for businesses here – a lucrative but not easy opportunity.

Among the many answering the call is Indigo Signworks, a Fargo-based company with locations in Bismarck and Grand Forks in North Dakota, as well as Alexandria in Minnesota.
“I can name company after company expanding out there,” said Bernie Dardis, CEO of Indigo, which last summer purchased a 110-year-old sign company in Minot, N.D., so it could better meet demand in the Oil Patch.

Area business leaders say though they aren’t sure how many yet, local companies are increasingly getting in on the oil boom action in western North Dakota.
A fair number of data points in this article including the need for surveyors, and a the "great golf course" in the Bakken.

I do find it amazing; Fargo is about as far as one can get in North Dakota from the Bakken. As "big" as this story (the Bakken) is, it's only in a few western counties in North Dakota (as well as about three counties in eastern Montana and a bit of the provinces north of the border). I still maintain that most North Dakotans do not really have any first-hand knowledge of what is going on in their state. It was notable that the surveyors mentioned in this story were from out of state, Minnesota and Michigan.


  1. Gas.

    A bit old.

    Worth a look. Click on watch. 30 minutes.

    anon 1

  2. Fargo, as usual, can't be left out of the party in their own eyes.They are the reason North Dakota exists and can't bear to be second fiddle .

    1. For the Forum not bad. I'm not ready to give them the balanced reporting reward yet. They are badly contaminated by the Progressive Liberal mindset that comes across the river from Minnesota. Like the Twin Cities Fargo thinks the only thing important in their state is them. The two think of themselves as the centers of economic, culture and advance thinking and the rest of their state is inhabited by people with crude backwards thoughts behaviors.

      Must deflate their ego not being the only center of economic activity in the state.

    2. And everything suggests it is only going to get more important out west.