Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Two BR Croff Wells Each Go Over 500,000 Bbls -- December 10, 2019

BR Croff wells are tracked here.

The two wells; note that these two wells were drilled/completed in late 2017, less than two years ago:
  • 33151, 148, BR, Croff 7-1-2 MBH, Croff, t11/17, cum 517K 10/19;
  • 33153, 524, BR, Croff 6-1-2 UTFH, Croff, t11/17, cum 501K 10/19;  
A third Croff well; note that this well was drilled/completed about three years ago:
  • 33143, 1,245, BR, Croff 22A MBH, Croff, t10/17, cum 436K 10/19;
The parent Croff  had a moderate jump in production.

There is another four well pad to the east of these wells, all on confidential list.  


  1. Shaleprofile's Twitter feed says that ND broke 1.5 MM bopd in OCT. (Somehow they get the numbers early.)


    1. That would be quite a milestone. I would assume Shaleprofile's North Dakota data is an estimate.