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Some Incredible Bruin Wells Ready To Come Off The Confidential List -- September 29, 2018

Note: this was done quickly. There may be typographical and factual errors. 

By the way, when these new wells come off the confidential list, look at these neighboring, older wells:
  • 20328, off line for six to seven months; came back on line for 16 days in 8/18; t3/12; cum 535K 8/18;
  • 22708, off line for four to five months; came back on line for 12 days in 7/18; then off line again; t4/14; cum 297K 7/18;
  • 22707, off line for six months; still off line as of 8/18; t4/14; cum 494K 2/18;
This past week I noted a lot of great wells being reported and/or a lot of activity by some players that had been relatively quiet over the past couple of years. I caught many of them under "Bakken 2.5" at the top stories for the week. Two operators seemed to pop up more often than the others: Slawson and Bruin. More on Slawson later. Bruin E&P seems to be on a roll with some great "Fort Berthold" wells. It appears they had one well that produced 96,182 bbls of crude oil in one month. We will know more when that well comes off the confidential list. In fact, I just checked. The reader was correct.
  • 31774, conf, Bruin E&P, Fort Berthold 151-94-27A-34-16H, 33-053-07183, t--; cum --; fracked 6/26/18 - 6/28/18:
DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Frack data from FracFocus says it was fracked with 281,231 gallons of water; with only 13.6 water by mass; sand was 83.5% by mass. That is so far from what one normally sees, ... well, before I say any more ... time to check some others. See below.
  • 31775, 33-053-07184, fracked 6/24/18 - 6/25/18, 12 million gallons of water; 87% water by mass:
DateOil RunsMCF Sold
  • 32431, 33-053-07466, fracked 6/24/18 - 6/26/18, 10.8 million gallons of water, 85.8% water by mass;
DateOil RunsMCF Sold
  • 31776, 33-053-07185, fracked 6/2/18 - 6/3/18, 11.8 million gallons of water; 86.6% water by mass;
DateOil RunsMCF Sold

  • 31777, 33-053-07186, fracked 5/31/18 - 6/3/18, 12.3 million gallons of water; 87.2% water by mass;
DateOil RunsMCF Sold
  • 31778, 33-053-07187, fracked 5/16/18 - 7/6/18; 10.8 million gallons of water; 88% water by mass:
DateOil RunsMCF Sold

The graphic (the six wells above are indicated by the arrow pointing to the"six well Bruin E&P Fort Berthold pad in the northwest corner of section 26:

For newbies: there are some wells that don't produce 60,000 bbls of crude oil in one calendar year!

Screenshots of the frack referenced above:

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