Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Winner Of The 2017 Geico Rock Award

An earlier post reminded me I had not announced the winner of the Geico Rock Award for 2017.

The list of nominees for 2017 is at this post. I cannot guarantee that all nominees were actually posted at that site, but ...

Without further ado ... drum roll ... nominated on January 3, 2017, no one surpassed Prince Harry.
January 3, 2017: That didn't take long, our first nominee for the 2017 Geico Rock Award. Prince Harry: "Saving endangered animals is God's test for humanity." I guess he missed the Aleppo [Syria/ISIS] story, the 2016 equivalent of the 1940s Holocaust.
Winner of the 2017 Geico Rock Award: Great Britain's Prince Harry. 

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