Sunday, June 25, 2017

OPEC Bewildered -- Bloomberg -- Sunday, June 25 2017

Active rigs:

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OPEC bewildered -- Bloomberg. There are several things to focus on while reading this story:
  • rifts in OPEC; Prince Salman may have his sights on Iraq next (Iraq and Iran becoming a bit too friendly; Iraq exempt from production cuts and seems to be taking advantage of the situation)
  • phony OPEC stories suggesting without $100 oil to finance infrastructure, oil shortages will occur
  • light, sweet oil glut in the US; OPEC does not produce light, sweet oil --not mentioned in the article
  • majority of US refineries optimized for heavy oil (Canadian oil sands - Keystone XL; Venezuela - imploding) -- not mentioned in the article
  • but this is most interesting:
OPEC has completely misjudged the North American shale industry and seems not to understand how it is still evolving rapidly. It's a little like trying to explain the internet to my 85-year-old mother, or my 12-year-old daughter trying to explain social media to me. As consultant Morten Frisch tells me, drilling horizontal sidetracks from abandoned wells in the Permian Basin is yielding a 91 percent internal rate of return on a $7 million investment and delivering 1,500 barrels a day of crude. He predicts large production increases from vertical wells in previously produced areas in the Permian.

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