Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Haynesville Experiencing A Resurgence As Takeaway Is Bottled Up In The Northeast -- Bloomberg -- May 16, 2017

Recent USGS assessment of the Haynesville.

The Haynesville is tracked here.

Today, Bloomberg with this headline story: shale play 'left for dead' gets some love as US gas rises. Data points:
  • the Haynesville helped kickstart the shale boom a decade ago
  • is in the midst of a resurgence as new well designs bring natural gas gushers to life
  • production in the Haynesville will climb for the seventh straight month in July
  • will reach its highest production number since October, 2014
  • Haynesville coming back into play because pipeline bottlenecks are stranding natural gas supplies in the eastern US
  • drillers mentioned: Exco Resources, Chesapeake Energy
  • Chesapeake using "massive amounts" of sand

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