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The CLR Jersey Well Pads: 29 Wells In One Section In Alkali Creek


March 24, 2020: CLR announces changes in well names (targets changed in some cases); see daily report dated March 24, 2020. Would the name suggest that the field has been unitized? 

November 6, 2019: compare current graphic with graphic at original post --

July 23, 2019: production updated; some well files updated; names and targets have been changed for some wells; graphic updated; see this post;

July 13, 2018: update here See this post, also, for some great graphics.

August 9, 2014: there is now a rig on site at one of the Jersey wells, #27828. It appears there will be three to five pads in this section, all in the northeast quadrant: two smaller pads (5-well, 3-well) and then perhaps one mega pad or three linear, parallel pads (I think one large mega-pad). This three linear lines of wells will have 7, 7, and 7 wells running southwest-to-northeast. The only spacing in this area is 2560-acre spacing: section 1, 6, 7, and 12 in T153N-R93W.  There are 30 Jersey/Jersey Federal permits in my database, but one of the wells is dry (#27832).

The Jersey/Jersey Federal pads are not listed as a CLR increased density pilot project.
Original Post

This was posted back on March 13, 2014:
Comments: All fourteen (14) CLR permits will be on the same pad (or very nearly same pad) in SENE 6-153-93; these are Jersey and Jersey Federal permits that appear to replace the Linbeck permits that were canceled a few days ago; there were seven additional Jersey Federal permits at that time; 7 then + 14 now = 21 wells on that one pad (or closely neighboring pads) [Disclaimer: I did this quickly and have not had a chance to confirm this; this may be all wrong. I will check it later. If it is accurate, it makes me think that regardless of how the CLR Atlanta wells have turned out, CLR is pressing ahead with targeting all Bakken formations with multiple horizontals from one pad. These would be the first wells in this section, and perhaps the first wells in this drilling unit, depending on where the horizontals go; probably under the water.] 
Now CLR has added eight (8) more permits for section six: 21 + 8 = 29 wells on this pad (or closely neighboring pads).

The Jersey wells are located in the Alkali Creek oil field.

28333, 945, CLR, Jersey 29-6XH, Alkali Creek, off line 1/5; back on-line 5/15; cum 346K 9/19;
28002, 1,359, CLR, Jersey 4-6H2, four sections; Alkali Creek, t9/17; cum 335K 9/19; permitted as a "B3"; drilled as an "H2";
28001, 1,564, CLR, Jersey 5-6H, four sections; Alkali Creek, t10/17; cum 288K 9/19;
28000, 1,108, CLR, Jersey 6-6H2, four sections; Alkali Creek, t10/17; cum 218K 9/19;
27999, 1,212, CLR, Jersey 7-6H1, four sections; Alkali Creek, t10/17; cum 256K 9/19;
27998, 1,059, CLR, Jersey 8-6H3, four sections; Alkali Creek, t12/18; cum 257K 9/19; name change and target change to Three Forks B1;

27997, 1,944, CLR, Jersey 1-6H, four sections; Alkali Creek, t9/17; cum 418K 9/19;
27996, 1,384, CLR, Jersey 2-6H2, four sections; Alkali Creek, t9/17; cum 255K 9/19;
27995, 1,344, CLR, Jersey 3-6H1, four sections; Alkali Creek, t9/17; cum 307K 9/19;
27898, conf, CLR, Jersey FIU 15-6H, Alkali Creek,
27897, conf, CLR, Jersey FIU 13-6H2, Alkali Creek,
27896, conf, CLR, Jersey FIU 13-6H, Alkali Creek,
27895, conf, CLR, Jersey 12-6H3, Alkali Creek,
27894, conf, CLR, Jersey FIU 11-6H, Alkali Creek,
27893, conf, CLR, Jersey FIU 10-6H2, Alkali Creek,
27892, conf, CLR, Jersey 9-6H, Alkali Creek,
27884, PNC, CLR, Jersey Federal 22-6H2, Alkali Creek,
27883, conf, CLR, Jersey Federal 21-6H, Alkali Creek,
27882, conf, CLR, Jersey Federal 20-6H3, Alkali Creek,
*27881, 3,105, CLR, Jersey 19-6H1, four sections; Alkali Creek, Three Forks 1, 74 stages; 13.3 million lbs, t6/18; cum 290K 9/19;
27880, conf, CLR, Jersey Federal 20-6H2, Alkali Creek,
27879, conf, CLR, Jersey FIU 17-6H, Alkali Creek,
27878, conf, CLR, Jersety FIU 16-6H1, Alkali Creek,
27832, dry, CLR, Jersey 29-6H, Alkali Creek,
27831, 918, CLR, Jersey 28-6H3, four sections; Alkali Creek, off-line 1/15; back on-line 5/15, t5/15; cum 165K 9/19; jump in production 12/18; see note here;

27830, 903, CLR, Jersey 27-6H1, four sections; Alkali Creek, off-line 1/15; back on-line 5/15; t6/15; cum 259K 9/19; jump in production in 12/18;
27829, 791, CLR, Jersey 26-6H2, four sections, Alkali Creek, off-line 1/15; back on-line 5/15; t5/15; cum 258K 9/19;
27828, 1,221, CLR, Jersey 25-6H, four sections; Alkali Creek, t5/15; cum 285K 9/19;
27827, 927, CLR, Jersey 24-6H3, four sections; Alkali Creek, t5/15; off-line 1/15; back on-line 5/15; cum 222K 9/19;
27826, 963, CLR, Jersey 23-6H1, four sections; Alkali Creek, t5/15; off-line 1/15; back on-line 5/15; cum 388K 9/19;

The Jersey wells sited in section 6-153-93, Alkali Creek:

 Zooming in (error: I believe there are only 8 wells in that one location rather than 9 wells):

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