Monday, March 4, 2013

RBN Energy: Part III of Crude-by-Rail, The Bakken

(Wells coming off the confidential list today have been posted. Click on this blue link.)

For quick snapshot of terminals in North Dakota, click here. This list will not be as accurate, and not as up to date as the RBN list. If I were you, I would go to RBN Energy links first. 

Link here for RBN Energy's third installment of CBR terminals in North Dakota.

  • Lario's Bakken Oil Express
  • Dakota Plains
  • Bakkenlink
The lede at the linked RBN Energy site today:
The first episode in this series provided an introduction and overview of the “Year of the Tank Car” (see Crude Loves Rocking Rail). We described the rapid growth in US crude oil production that pressured pipeline logistics and made rail a viable alternative for taking crude to market. The second installment (see Crude Loves Rocking Rail – The Bakken Terminals) began our survey of rail loading terminals with a map and a complete list of facilities in North Dakota.
In the previous episode to this (see Plains, Enbridge and Global) we reviewed three Bakken merchant terminals. Those terminals are mostly third party fee for service facilities that provide crude truck unloading as well as storage, blending, rail loading and pipeline connections. One of the merchant terminals that we cover today – Dakota Plains purchase the crude that they ship at the wellhead and deliver it to refiners rather than just offering transportation services to producers. The other three terminals covered here are traditional fee for service facilities.
All of the episodes in this series can be found at the website under the Daily Energy Post tab. As you read this series you may find it useful to refer back to the map and table listing of Bakken terminals that we provided previously (click here to download a PDF copy of the map.
 WSJ Links

Section R (Investing in Funds & ETFS):

Section C (Money & Investing):
Heard on the street: cheaper oil would help XOM make a much-needed deal to fuel growth
Google's Chrome and punishment for PCs: Samsung's Chromebook for $249

Section B (Marketplace):
Houston's gushers leave some dry; I would not have posted this except for fact that Warren Buffett's BNSF is mentioned
Google does not have to pay fees for linking URLs -- German courts. One word: wow.
Lots of stories on LeBron James lately -- many sources; no links; easily found;

Section A
Front page headline: US boosts war role in Africa; this one is important; Chester wrote to tell me that President Obama has a domestic legacy (first term: ObamaCare; second term: Keystone) but no foreign policy legacy, unlike his predecessors. It is also well-known that second term presidents often turn overseas;

White House and Congress not even talking about the 2% sequester; been there, done that; negotiations move to debt ceiling and preventing a government shutdown; no links; stories everywhere; easily found

As pirates run rampant, TV studios dial up pursuit: I have not read this one yet, but I might comment on it later. I had discussion with Harvard MBA on a related subject; of course he was wrong, I was right, but he won the debate. Smile.

Baby cured of AIDS for the first time, no links, stories everywhere. In Mississippi. The physician's name: Dr Gay. 

Op-ed: no more Keystone excuses; will Obama side with science and jobs, throw his fringe left under the taxi, or side with faux fringe environmentalists?

Op-ed: the reverse-Joads of California;

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