Saturday, June 18, 2011

Top Stories -- Week 24: June 11 -- June 17, 2011

Update On Wells On "DRL" Status

The Passing of "Buck" Scheele

2,500 Man-Camp Approved Near Tioga

Is Annabelle Homes of Minneapolis Betting the Farm On the Bakken?

PennEnergy: The Bakken Is Bigger Than The Alaska North Slope

Railroads Ramping Up To Support the Bakken

The Brits Discover the Bakken

NY Times: North Dakota's Economy -- #1 in Growth in 2010

Bakken Fracking Sand in Minnesota, Wisconsin

Shovel-Ready Jobs in the Oil Patch

Dual Laterals and 10 Wells on One Spacing Unit

Primary Petroleum Amasses Nearly 300,000 Acres in the Alberta Bakken



    Here are some interesting statistics. Not sure if this is something you'd like to post, but this pretty much shows the impact oil is having on the Northwest part of the state...especially Williams county (Williston) largest numberical growth in jobs...largest per weekly wage. Kind of says it all.

  2. Outstanding. I will link it at a stand-alone post. Very nice data. Thank you.